Cole Mize

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Being born and reared in rural small town Monroe G.A, where opportunities are few and far between, the odds seemed to be stacked against Hip-Hop lyricist Cole Mize but due to his relentless perseverance and strive for excellence coupled with his compassion for humanity, he is consistently winning over the hearts and ears of his listeners.

Cole Mize sounds like Eminem born in the dirty south with country grammar, raised on grits and southern hospitality but beaten by the bible belt while finding a friend in Jesus. Known for his complex rhyme schemes and ability to adapt to each song in a unique and artistic way, Coles versatility causes him to stand out like a sore thumb amongst his colleagues.
As a child Cole & his older brother attended a predominately white elementary school just a mile from their house. During his third grade year problems arose as his brother had experienced several accounts of mistreatment from a teacher and after the board of education neglected to take any initiative to resolve the matter their parents decided to move them to a predominately black elementary school on the other side of town.
It was there that Cole found music by picking up the Saxophone and joining the schools competition band where he would remain until high school.  Being in a competition band taught him perfection through discipline and repetition. Intermingling with inner city kids also exposed Cole to Hip-Hop music resulting in him gaining a great appreciation for it as it was reaching new heights in 1996 with artists such as Naughty by Nature, Coolio, Dr.Dre, Busta Rhymes, Warren G, 2 Pac, and Outkast.“I would literally study the songs, write down the lyrics and rap them over the track until I was in sync”, Cole says. This began his appreciation for writing which lead to him constructing and performing his first song at the age of 12 at a talent show.
The quest to become a skilled writer and rapper began. Throughout Cole’s remaining school years he would carry a folded piece of notebook paper and pen in his pocket so he could scribble down lyrics throughout the day which he would later share with his peers, teachers and family members in hopes to receive criticism that would contribute to his growth as an artist.  In high school Cole’s college prep literature teacher confiscated one of his verses and used it as an example for all of the other classes on how to write complex rhyme schemes.  Audio production, engineering, and recording also became interests of his during high school which lead him to recording 2 demo CD’s and joining a local rap group that would later get signed by Walter Foster, James Brown’s road manager and backup singer who ran an independent label called Future Gold Records. Before things could take off the group broke up and Cole decided to go solo.  Less than a year later he was recording his final demo at the critically acclaimed PatchWerk Studios in Atlanta.
In 2006 Cole was at the top of his game. He was finally getting paid gigs and had developed enough as an artist that people was willing to pay for his music but in Cole’s private life he felt that God was leading him to develop a personal relationship with him. He decided to put his music career on hold and focus on maturing spiritually. After taking a five year sabbatical, Cole Mize is back and is more prepared than ever before.  In 2013 he won Z4L’s “You’re going to jail now” rap competition where he competed amongst 60 other contestants and was able to perform alongside 106n Park freestyle champion & former Ruff Ryders artist MC JIN.  Cole has also been featured on,,,,,,, and He is also the founder of which offers remote mixing and production services to clients worldwide and writes encouraging blogs which shares helpful advice to better equip up and coming indie artists.