Denver Colorado Rapper – Adrian DeBarros – Interview

I recently sat down and had a very thought provoking discussion with Denver Colorado rapper Adrian DeBarros. I kind of feel like I’m doing Adrian a disservice by merely introducing him as a rapper because he’s a renaissance man who wears many more hats! He’s an author, poet, graphic designer, website developer, programmer, entrepreneur, YouTuber and even a proud Papa! And he’s constantly adding to that list, in fact I probably missed a few. Oh and he tried out for the Denver Nuggets!

In a time where Rap music is known for violence, drugs, and vanity Adrian flips the proverbial status quo gently on it’s head with care. This Denver native is different in a very soothing and refreshing way. His lyrical content is running over with witty punchlines and metaphors arranged with well thought out story lines and delivered with a very smooth, calm and soothing voice with humorous undertones.

Adrian recently published his first book entitled “A Poet and His Errant Pen” which is available on Amazon. Many rappers have a huge collection of rhymes that they’ve written over the years that rarely ever see the light of day. Instead of letting these old relics collect dust and potentially get lost in time Adrian decided to put them all in a book which is reminiscent of a lyrical photo album that paints pictures with words of memorable days of times past.

Adrian’s introduction into rapping is unique though he found himself in a common dilemma many of us can relate to in the corporate world. He simply wanted to express himself in an environment where many suppress their personalities in the spirit of being “professional” and playing it safe. Make sure that you head over to Adrian’s website and check out everything he has going on at and tell him I sent you!

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