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Are You On The Hunt?

If you are on the hunt for dope hip hop instrumentals then you are in the right place! Ok, I know that you are accustom to beat makers hitting you up talking bout “hey bro I got them bangers, get at me!!”. I just want to make this Crystal water springs clear.. I AM NOT THAT GUY!! So don’t get it twisted lol! I’m like what an A&R is to record labels. I’m a talent scout. Meaning I search for talented producers and instead of bringing them to a label I bring them to artists just like you. My job is to search through all the crap and find the jewels. Basically I am a filter.

When you are getting ready to lay down your next hit you gotta have a banger to go with it! Here at ColeMizeStudios we spend hours on end each week scavenging through the internet in search of only the highest quality beats. If it’s not mixed professionally and hittin on all cylinders then it won’t be on this site.

The Waters Are Murky

With new producers popping up right and left each and everyday it makes it more difficult to find the professionals when you are being bum rushed by the amateurs.We do all the digging for the Diamonds and leave the Cubic Zirconium’s behind. No throwaway beats only radio ready industry standard productions.

Make sure you check back often as we upload new beats on a weekly basis. If you don’t see the sound you are looking for make sure you let us know in the comments section below. The next time we are out on our scavenger hunt we will track down what you’re looking for and send you a personal e-mail when we find it. It’s our pleasure to serve artists like you and we take great pride in meeting your needs. Now quit listening to my rambling and go make you a hit!

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