How To Rap – Creating Cadence

Blocked Out

One common problem that up and coming rappers run into when they are learning how to rap is how to come up with new cadences. If you don’t know what cadences are please check out this video & article Cadence Explained. As artists we often run into writers block and cadence is no exception. So allow me to suggest a very effective way to remedy this issue.

The Concept Of Evolution

If you listen to some of the first rap songs ever made and compare them to some of your favorite rappers today it is very clear that rappers have gotten better. Why is that? Well it’s simple, rappers have evolved over the years and improved their skills by learning from each other. Imagine if you was the first rapper ever. You would be a pioneer but would still be at a large disadvantage because you have no other rappers to learn from.

Are You Evolving?

One of the commandments of rap is “thou shall not bite”. Meaning don’t copy other rappers lyrics or styles and call them your own. While I agree with this I also think many of us take this rule a little to far and end up hindering our personal evolution because of it. This rule doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study or learn from other rappers. If you where to do that you would be putting yourself in the same position as the first rapper ever and consequently hindering your evolution. The truth is every rapper has learned from other rappers and that is exactly how rappers have evolved.

Using References

One of the most universal ways to increase your skills in any field is to use something called references. When it comes to rapping all this means is you start studying other rappers styles and memorizing their lyrics. When you start doing this you are also learning their cadences. The more different styles you memorize the more diverse you will be from one song to another. Regardless if you are experiencing cadence block or not you should start taking advantage of references and begin studying other rappers that you admire.

Memorization Techniques

The best way for you to begin memorizing other rappers lyrics is to Google their song title and artist name and put lyrics behind it. For example “2-Pac Dear Mama Lyrics“. Once you find their lyrics copy and paste them in a word processor of some sort on your computer or mobile device. If you don’t have the song already simply type it in on YouTube or your preferred media channel and start following along with the song while rapping the lyrics. Every couple of run through’s try an do it without looking at the lyrics. This is mixing visual and auditory learning techniques to help maximize the effectiveness of your memorization.

How Did I Do? 

Do you have any techniques that help you overcome cadence block? What methods do you use to come up with new cadences? Was this article helpful? Please drop your 2 cents in the comments section below and I will make sure I get back with you. Cheers to being a better rapper now!



  1. triston says

    Great article! I usually try to get the words of popular songs but only to know them. Now that you gave me an idea about cadences I am going to do that. Thanks!

  2. Artur / PMC says

    Hi Cole.

    Nice clip, very useful, as always.

    Lately, the way I do is just write the lyric first. Then I try to move some of the words backwards or forwards. Then record it on my phone or computer and listen to it over and over. Leave it for at few days and then listen to it again. In that way I have it memorized good. What I do next is just play the beat, start vibe’in to it and start rappin. And somehow the cadence just sneaks in when I stand there spittin to the beat.

    • says

      Hey Artur! I’m glad you found this lesson helpful! Thanks for sharing your technique with me. We all have our own method that works best for us. As long as it works why change it? Keep up the hard work bro! Much love and respect!! :)

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