How To Rap In FL Studio

Upping The Ante

Since I began this journey of teaching others how to rap I find myself always trying to improve the effectiveness of getting my lessons across to you the viewer. In previous installments of Be A Better Rapper Now I have explained cadence, I’ve demonstrated cadence but I’ve never shown you cadence until now! In this video tutorial I dive into one of my favorite D.A.W’s “FL Studio” and use it as a tool to teach cadence. I have a feeling that many more videos likes this will follow in the near future. So without further ado…LET’S GET IT!!

Establishing Your Beats Per Measure (BPM)

Just to recap a little from my previous segment about transferring cadence into lyrics The first thing that you want to do is establish your 4 count in the beat. Once that is done, double it up in to an 8 count and then triple that into a 16 count. Most rappers typically rap to a 16 count. In order to effectively transfer your cadence into lyrics you need to count out how many beats per measure that you are using.

Matching Beats With Syllables

So let’s say for example you are using 13 beat’s back to back and then pause on the 14th beat then say a word on the 15th beat and then pause on the 16th beat to catch your breath for the next bar. So in this example you will need to come up with a group of words to fill in the 13 beats and then a single word to fill in the 15 beat. The way you do this is by matching up the amount of syllables in your words with the amount of beats in your cadence. So for this example I would use “Let this person get there education play the back” for the first 13 beats as it has 13 syllables. Then I would pause on the 14th beat and then say “ground” on the 15th beat and pause again on the 16th beat.

How Did I Do?

I hope that you find this information helpful. If you have any questions, comments or feedback feel free to drop your 2 cents in the comments section below. If this is your first time being here I would like to invite you to get a FREE copy of my eBook The #1 Fundamental To Rapping that shares tips and techniques that I’ve gathered over 17 years that you can digest all in one day! And if you are working hard at being a better rapper and are I need of a well trained ear to bounce your music off of and receive helpful feedback I am not offering music reviews to help you out. Until next time take care and keep rapping!


  1. Ree says

    Everyday I read your post and write-ups, I count myself blessed to have come across your channel on youtube.
    Though I am still having issues with counting the beats, measures and flowing with the instrumental. Help here please.
    Thanks Sir.


    • says

      Hey Ree, I’m happy to hear that you are still enjoying my content! I’m fortunate to have you as a viewer as well! I’m not sure how many of my videos you have watched thus far but I have a feeling that if you’re watching them in the order I made them most of your questions will be answered in them. For example flowing with the instrumental as discussed at great links in my structuring lyrics article. Counting the beats and measures was explained in great detail during my Song Structure article. After you check them out let me know if you still have any questions. Thanks for dropping my a comment and keep up the hard work!

  2. Tavi says

    hiya Cole, please which DAW would you recommend for MacOSX users?? I checked FL Studio is Windows-based. Thanks!

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