Knowledge Is Only 50%

We truly live in a wonderful time! This age is referred to as the information age due to how accessible high speed internet has made information to anyone world wide. Nowadays there’s no excuse to be ignorant to anything. If you have a question it’s highly likely that there are hundreds if not thousands of people who’ve already answered it for you somewhere on the net.knowledge_is_only_50_percent

Pick Your Professor

I personally find myself geeking out each week on Google and YouTube with learning new things. And if you are wanting to get an extended education in a particular field you can literally just search the internet and pick which professor you prefer to learn from. It’s awesome! Heck I myself have even become a educator on the net teaching people how to rap, who would’ve ever thunk it?

Loosing Sight

Knowledge is great, it’s awesome, it’s empowering! But being privileged to so much information can cause use to loose sight of this truth “Knowledge is only 50%“. Meaning knowledge alone does you absolutely know good unless you act on it and put it to good use.


I remember saying this in one of my previous videos on Adding Character To Cadence “There is a such thing as knowledge and information hindering you. You can learn so much that you lose your creativity because your so focused on being perfect”. I like to think of knowledge like tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape etc. The tools only help aid you in the work that your doing.

The Other Half

So the other 50% is experience. If you really want to get better at rapping or any other craft for that matter you just have to get busy doing it as often as possible. You want to learn as much as you can but you also need to try and match your knowledge with good ole fashion hard work to go along side it. And as you put your hand to the plow and get busy working you can reach for those tools “knowledge” on an as needed bases.  Learn as much as you can and just forget about it and get to work! LET’S GET IT!

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