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    Wow, I Did Not Know This… Keeping My Mouth Shut Because I Been Helping This Certain Person To Create His CD etc… I Had No Clue. The Blessing Part Of This Is That I learned So Much About The Music Industry… Do Not Know Everything However I Trust God To Put Me Or Bring The Right People On My Path. Since God Placed Me Or Connected Me With My Spiritual Mentor Things Are A Bit Difficult Yet It Feels So Right… God Is My Life And I Know HE Will Not Lead Wrong. God Bless You And I Will Stay In Tune For What Is next… Keep Up The Great Work You Do! <3 O:)

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      Hey Crystal I am glad that you found this article helpful. This is a very common mistake that is happening each and every day! I hope more people realize how small things like these have a huge effect on artists. I am looking forward to sharing more info like this in the coming weeks. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! Until next time, take care and stay positive!

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    Wow, really simple but extremely important nugget of info Cole, thanks Bro. I’m not ready to tag anything yet but if I ever get to this stage, I’mma tag my stuff :D

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      Thanks for checking out my article Brian! I’m glad that you enjoyed it and thanks so much for all the positive feedback! Keep up the hard work and you’ll be needing to make ID3 Tags in no time! If you ever need anymore help along the way let me know! :)

  3. Jesse Ventura says

    Industry people say with CDs attractive artwork makes them pay attention and also when sending digitally send in MP3, WAV, YouTube or Soundcloud which industry loves a link from probably partly as they can see viewing and sharing data.

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      Absolutely Jesse I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments. I actually go over some of your points in other installments of this series as well. Everyone has their preferred way of receiving your music and it’s important to adhere to it to increase he likelihood of your music being heard. Great comment and great advice! Thanks for reading! :)

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