Just to be blunt and honest with you. There are a lot of self proclaimed “Mixing Engineers”  out there but very few have actually taken the time to learn the trade and are unaware of what the role of a Mixing Engineer actually is. Please don’t be another artist who gets burned by a lazy and incompetent self proclaimed mixing engineer. It’s my job to give the artist the “Star Treatment” on each and every track. Paying attention to every fine detail and constantly going above and beyond to ensure we keep things fresh & interesting while delivering a mix that has life and emotion.

I take ownership of my mixes and work relentlessly to take each song to the next level. I don’t charge hourly rates. This keeps prices affordable and ensures that the creativity and quality of your mix is never compromised due to time restraints. I believe in taking the necessary time to deliver the absolute best mix possible. My job is never finished until you are completely satisfied.  Below are examples of some of my mixes. We would love to mix your next track! Pricing and additional details are below.


  • Receive 4 versions of your mix (MAIN, INSTRUMENTAL, ACAPELLA and PERFORMANCE) in both high quality WAV and MP3 format.
  • Your MP3 files will include properly formatted ID3 Tags including artist name, song title, genre, artwork etc.. This will ensure that your MP3’s are indexed and displayed properly on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and vehicle front panel displays. You will never have to worry about your music getting lost in someones music archives due to it displaying as “Unknown Artist”, “Unknown Song Title” etc..
  • Mastering is also included if desired at no additional cost
  • Please provide me with any creative ideas and input that you may have for your song
  • If you are not sure how to prepare and deliver your song for mixing please read this article
  • Once you absolutely love my mix I will deliver all of your files in one convenient DropBox Link via e-mail
  • Completion and delivery of mix typically takes 1-2 weeks after receiving your files
  • Price: $150.00 USD Per Song (full payment required up front)
  • Ready to get to work? Select how many tracks you would like mixed below and LET’S GET IT!!

  • How Many Songs Would You Like Mixed?