Skype Mac


In order to play music along with your microphone signal on your Mac through Skype you will need to do the following easy steps.

1. Download SoundFlower by clicking here

2. Install soundflower bed

3. Restart computer

4. Click on soundflower and select built in output

5. Go to system preferences and select sound

  • select input tab and ensure your desired microphone is selected
  • then select output tab and select soundflower 2 channel
  • on the bottom of the menu turn the output volume all the way up

6. In Skype select microphone input as soundflower 2ch

Now place a Skype test call and play music on your computer while talking through your mic. If you hear everything then congratulations! You’re all done!!

Feel free to reverse these settings while we’re not in a coaching session if you wish.

If you have any problems please contact me via the form below and I will get you taken care of.