5 Ways Rappers Can Improve Rhyme Skills

In this video, I’ll be discussing how to improve rhyming skills and how to get better at rhyme schemes by demonstrating different ways to rhyme. This applies to rhyme schemes in poetry as well, not just rap.

If you feel like your raps are coming off as sounding amateur or lacking that extra flair that’s needed to really impress your listeners then it could be due to not fully harnessing the power of Rhyming!

In today’s video lesson, I’m going to be giving you 5 very practical but powerful tips that will help you improve your rhyming skills so that you can make your raps sound more catchy which will keep your listeners locked into your song the entire time and will leave them wanting more!



What are Rhymes? A literary device that uses the same sounds to create sound patterns.

What are Rhyme Schemes? Rhymes that connect together from multiple bars.

What are Internal Rhymes? Rhymes that only occur within one bar


Keep track of where your rhymes are placed (structured) (you will need ear training needed to nail this) If needed why my 5 Minutes To A Better Rap Slow Series.

One of the most common places to place a rhyme scheme is on or around the 4th beat.

Use My Bar Sheets if needed.

Keep your Rhyme Schemes even numbers 2,4,6,8, etc..


Rhyme more than just one syllable.

Try multi-syllable rhymes,  as well as multiple rhyme schemes

Increasing the frequency that you rhyme will also make you sound more aggressive. You can change the frequency of your rhyming throughout a verse if you wish to create a build of aggression.


Use scatting to help you create good sounding rhyme schemes. Start by picking a word (Procrastination) and then scat while incorporating the sounds of the word you wish to rhyme.

If you’re trying to fit pre-written lyrics to an instrumental, start with the word that’s a part of the rhyme scheme and while you’re scatting, place that word around the 4th beat.


Don’t rhyme simply for the sake of rhyming. Make sure your rhymes make sense in context with what your verse is supposed to be about.


The more words you know, the more rhyming possibilities you will have. Anytime you’re reading or hear someone use a word you don’t know, look it up in a dictionary and store that word to a list for you to learn and use later.

Also, feel free to use a rhyming dictionary like RhymeWave to help save you time when trying to rhyme.



You can further create more rhyming opportunities by manipulating the sound of a word. E.G. (Orange) to rhyme with Syringe

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