5 Ways To Study Your Favorite Rappers

One very powerful way that you can improve your rap skills is by studying other rappers! This is a fun way to ensure that you’re always improving while also staying inspired throughout the entire process of developing as a rapper!

And in today’s lesson, I’m going to be showing you exactly how you can do it and sharing 5 things you should be listening for when studying your favorite rappers. So without further ado…LET’S GET IT!!

The Elephant In The Room

Some people think you shouldn’t be influenced by other rappers because they think it helps you preserve your own uniqueness. In my opinion, we’re not as unique as we often think we are and the more we allow ourselves to be influenced by other rappers the quicker we will grow, the more well rounded we will be, and we will have a lot of fun in the process!

Why Study Your Favorite Rappers?

  • It will help you be more diverse and well rounded as a rapper
  • You will grow faster because you won’t be as isolated and you will have a reference to compare to what you’re trying to improve upon.
  • It makes the learning process more fun!

How To Study Your Favorite Rappers

Use A DAW 

Consider using a DAW so that you can easily identify the song structure and loop sections of the song. You don’t have to do this, but it makes the studying process so much easier! To learn more see..  

WATCH: Why You Should Be Using A DAW To Write Your Songs

The best FREE Daw that I recommend is called Studio One Prime. You can get your free copy via this link. 

Identify What Appeals To You

You will tend to like different rappers for different reasons. You don’t have to study everything about every rapper you like. Instead, focus on the things that are really impressive to you. And If a rapper is very diverse from one song to another this same concept applies as there may be certain songs in particular that impress you more so than others.

01 Rhyme Schemes

If you’re really impressed by a rappers rhyme schemes try to structure the lyrics from one of their verses using my Bar Sheets

If done correctly this will allow you to have a visual indication of how often they are rhyming as well as how they’ve structured their rhyme schemes across multiple bars.

See my video on How To Use Bar Sheets http://colemizestudios.com/how-to-structure-your-rap-lyrics-with-bar-sheets/ 

Get you Free copy of my Bar Sheets at  http://colemizestudios.com/barsheets

02 Songwriting

Types of Songs

Some rappers will impress you by how creative and diverse the types of songs they write are. This could give you ideas of how you could write different types of songs than you normally would.

Song Structure

You may also enjoy the structure of their songs which you can load into a DAW and create markers for each section of the song to help you visually see how the song is structured.

WATCH: How To Determine A Songs Structure


If you enjoy how they describe things in vivid detail or say things in interesting ways by using literary devices such as punchlines and metaphors etc.. then make note of those things and try to apply a similar technique when you’re writing your next verse or song.  

03 Delivery

If you really like the way a rapper sounds, see how close you can mimic their voice. This can teach you different ways to manipulate the sound of your voice and make it more or less dramatic than the rapper you’re studying.

04 Rap Flow  

If you really love the way a rapper flows, try to memorize an entire verse of theirs. Because when you memorize their lyrics you will also be memorizing their rap flow. And then try to incorporate some of their cadences when you’re scatting.

Also, if you’re using a DAW, fee free to create markers to notate where they switch up their rap flow to give you an idea of how long they keep a cadence pattern going before changing it.

05 Instrumentals

Another major contributing factor to a rapper’s sound can be attributed to the type of instrumentals they’re rapping over. So search the internet for “the rappers name” type beats. Even if you don’t plan on writing a song to the instrumental it can still be a useful tool to play around with the sound of the rapper via scatting.


Would you like me to break down a rappers song and share what I find interesting about it? If so let me know in the comments section below the rapper’s name and the song title, and who knows??? I may cover it in a future video!

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