Bending Words – Advanced Rhyming Techniques In Rap

In today’s video, I’m going to show you one of the advanced rhyming techniques that rappers use to increase the rhyming potential of many words. I like to refer to this technique as “bending words” or manipulating or distorting words.

MIRROR (Mir-er) (correct enunciation)

For example, let’s look at the word Mirror. There are, give or take about 26 rhymes that you can use for Mirror.

Mi-ruh + 14 rhymes = 38 Rhymes

But if we were to bend the word “Mirror” a bit and instead pronounce it as Mi-ruh then that will increase our rhyming potential by about 14 additional rhymes giving us a grand total of 38 rhymes to choose from because we can still use a lot of our previous rhymes by adding “uh” sounds on the end of them. Here are the new words we added.

Mere 27 Rhymes

We’re still not done! We can still bend the word mirror in a different way and unlock even more rhyming potential by practically shaving off its 2nd syllable by just saying “Mere”

This will unlock about 27 new rhymes. 

From 26 to 67 TOTAL RHYMES

So just by bending the word Mirror in 2 different ways, we went from having 26 rhymes to choose from, to having 67 rhymes to choose from!

So the next time your writing some lyrics, see if there are some words that you could bend or manipulate to give them more rhyming potential by using this advanced rhyming technique! 

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