Are You Too Old To Rap?

Over the years I’ve had many people ask me if they’re too old to be rapping. Perhaps you have wondered the same thing as well.

In this week’s video I will be explaining the different reasons people tend to worry about this, and the 3 key questions any rapper of age must ask and answer for themselves before moving any further!

Even if you’re a younger rapper this video is still a must watch as you will learn a lot of valuable information from it!

?Articles Mentioned In This Video?

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Poor Mans Recording Studio:

  • I’m 41. Started rappin in 1996. Used to battle as Pro-Pain.started a group DieNasty in Dayton signed in 99.jail in 00 .got dropped.another label and my dj .drugs.jail. kids .jail. Im trying to get out on the road, but still no vids yet about 5 songs mixed..nice vid

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