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If you have been looking into mailing list providers for any length of time chances are that you have heard the name Aweber brought up quite aaweber bit and for good reason. In this article I will highlight why I think it is one of the best auto responders to date by sharing from my two years of personal experience using it. By the end of this article you will have learned the ins and outs of why over 120,000+ people are utilizing Aweber as their mailing list provider to stay engaged with their audience and increase sales. So lets cut the crap and get right to it.

Powerful & Simple

Regardless if you are technically inclined or not you should not have any issues with Awebers user interface. It allows you to be as basic or technical as you so desire. If you simply want to create a sign up form, e-mail template & auto responder sequence, you can do so with ease.

Dig As Deep As You Want

If you wish to get more technical you can create different segments within your list. For example you can track who clicked a certain link that your shared and then send a targeted follow up message to only those people. If you are wanting to keep your mailing list healthy you can filter through subscribers who haven’t opened one of your e-mails for x amount of time and either delete them or send them an e-mail asking if they wish to remain on your mailing list.

You can filter your subscribers by geographical location such as country, city, area code, time that they signed up etc. For example if you have an upcoming event out of town you can easily contact your subscribers in that area and let them know about it. These filters gives you tons of power to better target your audience and be as relevant as possible.

 Sign Up Forms

Another area where Aweber really knocks it out the park is their e-mail templates and sign up forms. They give you so many options it’s ridiculous in a really good way!

aweber_signup_formsWhen you are choosing your sign up forms you will have a vast array of categories to choose from. A total of 1,932 to be exact! Each of which can be customized to your liking. Here is a breakdown of each category with the amount of forms to choose from.

Automotive (36) Blog (204) Celebration (151) Consulting (122) Corporate (93) Food & Wine (94) Generic (225) Home (105) Hover Forms (93) Money (44) Promotional (149) Real Estate (35) Recreation (188) Retail (141) Small Forms (157) Travel (74) WordPress (21)

Another really cool feature the sign up forms offer is the ability to have 4 options to choose from on how you wish for them to appear on your site. In-Line appears in the current website body. Pop-Over hovers within the web page and can be closed. Lightbox is identical to Pop-Over except it darkens your website until it is closed. Pop-Up is opened in a new window and is often blocked by most browsers.

Self Hosted Sign Up Forms

One main advantage Aweber has over it’s competition is the ability to have hosted sign up forms. This means that when you are finished customizing your form and are ready to deploy it on your website you will also be given the option to grab a url that is hosted by Aweber. This is basically a page that Aweber creates that only has your sign up form on it. The main advantage of this is that it can dramatically increase your conversion rates as there is nothing else for the user to be distracted by on the page. I personally Like to use the self hosted form when I have an offer for a free download and I share that link across the web where it’s appropriate.

You can create as many forms as you like and attach them to a subscriber list of your choice. You can also A/B test each one of your sign up forms to maximize your conversion rates. How cool is that?

 E-mails and Templates

Aweber provides you with over 700 e-mail templates and boy do they look beautiful! They are constantly uploading new templates and even provide seasonal designs. Once you sign up to Aweber you have access to all the goodies at no additional cost! If you are a super duper techy

aweber_templatesperson you can even build your own custom templates with html. Everything is drag and drop and is really easy to create e-mails fast and efficiently.

One really net feature is the ability to personalize your e-mails to your subscribers. This will allow you to use the name they entered into your signup form within your e-mail. This dramatically increases your subscribers engagement as it personally addresses them and doesn’t come off as spamy. Speaking of spam each e-mail that you create will be sent through their spam filter to ensure your messages as less likely to wind up in your recipients spam folder.

Maximize Your Connections 

What I really love about their templates is the ability to integrate your social media links with nice icons which Aweber provides. You can even integrate Aweber with apps from e-commerce providers like Etsy, Shopify and Woocommerce by utilizing their add a product function. Adding pictures is a breeze and you can even add custom buttons & coupons. If you wish you can automatically sync Aweber to share your e-mail messages on your facebook and twitter accounts as well as create a self hosted page of your e-mail message which readers can easily access anytime and share with others. The possibilities are endless!

 Apps & Integration

Another extremely power feature that Aweber provides is the ability to use apps to integrate you’re Aweber with other services. For example you can link A weber with paypal so you can gather e-mails of paying customers and even send them an automatic follow up message when they make a purchase. They currently offer 50 apps at no additional cost. A few that have not already been previously mentioned are WordPress, Optimize Press, Lead Pages, Click Bank, Eventbrite, & Drupal.

 Autoresponder Follow up

Oh how beautiful it is to be able to create a fine tuned machine that works around the clock 24/7 for you. The Autoresponder function of Aweber is by far my favorite feature. For example let’s say someone signed up to your mailing list for a free download of your e-book. Instead of you aweber_autoresponderhaving to manually send it to them you can have your Aweber configured to automatically send it for you. Here is one more example. Let’s say someone just joined your mailing list but knows very little about you. You can program Aweber to begin sending them through a cycle of e-mails that you have already written. You can choose how long of a gap is between each message and even what time of day you wish it to send. This allows you to have an automated way of building a relationship with your new subscribers. How cool is that!

 E-mail Analytics

As you probably already know, good analytics is key to increasing your effectiveness. Aweber provides detailed reports on every e-mail you send aweber_analyticsout. You will be able to see how many & which people opened your e-mail, who clicked your link etc.. This tool is detrimental to growing and engaging your subscribers as it allows you to clearly gauge how effective your e-mails are being with your audience.

 Customer Support

I don’t know about you but when I get in a pickle I really appreciate some good ole fashion customer support from a real person that is actually apart of the company. Over the two years I aweber_customer_servicehave used Aweber there were a few times when I needed some help from the experts. On each instants my questions we’re answered within 24 hours in a professional and friendly manner. Their customer support is top notch and is provided by their actual staff, not some third party company from another country. Support is given via, phone, live chat or e-mail. Available Monday through Friday, 8 am – 8 pm ET and Saturday and Sunday, 9 am – 5 pm ET

While I am talking about their staff I would like to also note that Aweber has been awarded for the past two years as Best Places to work in Pennsylvania. They have created an environment that people actually enjoy working in, what a concept! They have an arcade room with a pool tooble, ping pong, foosball, Xbox 360 and a Wii. They also have Blu-ray movie theaters, three in house chefs that cook for them each day and a fully stocked break room for their employees. They’ve got the right idea!


I am a big fan of options when it comes to pricing. What I really love about Awebers pricing structure is that it’s a pay as you grow kind of setup. aweber_plansWhen you signup to Aweber you get full access to everything they offer with no hidden fees. The first month costs only $1 and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. They have certain thresholds for your number of subscribers that once meet will increase your monthly payment. The key here is to manage your subscribers and trim off the ones that aren’t opening your e-mails. Here is a list of the different pricing models that Aweber provides.

  • $19/month – only $1 for first month – 500 subscribers – unlimited e-mails – 30 day money back guarantee
  • $29/month – 501 – 2,500 subscribers – unlimited e-mails
  • $49/month – 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers – unlimited e-mails
  • $69/month – 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers – unlimited e-mails
  • $149/month – 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers – unlimited e-mails
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