Things To Do Before Booking Your Studio Session


So you’ve been working hard on your song and your close to finishing it. The excitement of booking your next studio session is beginning to creep in but before you do that make sure you have done the following first to ensure your next studio session goes as smooth as possible.

Time Management

Depending on the recording studio that you’re going to there are typically two ways that they tally up what you owe them. Either you are paying a set fee per hour or a fixed rate for completion of the entire song. Regardless of which way the studio bills you make sure that you are going in as prepared as possible.

Get It Tight & Get It Right

Memorizing your lyrics can dramatically improve your delivery as it allows you to perform your lyrics more naturally without having to hold on to a mobile device or a piece of paper to read your lyrics. Treat your recording session like you would if you we’re preforming for a live audience. Make sure you have perfected your lyrics and are going to be giving your best performance possible. You don’t want to rush it only to perfect your verses after the recording is finished and wish you could go back and redo it.

Take time to get feedback on your song before booking your studio session. Bounce it off people who know music and can give you helpful feedback. If you don’t have anyone I offer music reviews right here on my website. and I would be glad to help you out.


Practice rapping your song while listening to the beat using headphones. This may seem trivial but it can help you adjust better in the studio since you will be recording using headphones especially if you’re not used to rapping with them on.


Time yourself to see how long it’s going to take you to record all of your vocals and take into consideration any background vocals you may want to record such as stacks spot stacks & ad-libs. This will help prevent you from booking longer studio sessions than you need and your wallet with thank you for it!


Have an idea of what you want your completed song to sound like once it’s left the studio? Is there a particular effect you would like on your vocal? Do you want your song to have certain sound fx added to them to complement your vocals or overall theme of the song? Make sure you go ahead and gather any sound fx you may need and have them stored and ready to go.


If you have other artists that’s going to be recording with you on your song check with them first on their availability to ensure you both will be able to make it to the studio.

How Did I Do?

Did you find this article helpful? Have any questions, comments or feedback? I would love to hear from you so make sure you drop your 2 cents in the comments section below!

  • Exactly right. My performance is alot better when Im prepared and can spit my rhymes without having to read the lyrics at the same time…

    And for anyone reading this article I would defenetly recomand Cole Mizes song review. He spots the good, bad and perfect things in your song quickly.

    I purchased a review and also asked Cole to give his oppinion on a few thing with my rap and his pointers gave me something to work with and helped me improove 🙂

    • Hey Artur,

      Thanks so much for reading this article and commenting! I appreciate your feedback and sharing your testimonial about my music review services. I am really glad that I was able to help out a fellow rappers from across the world that was rapping in a different tongue that mine! That’s pretty awesome!! Keep up the great work and thanks so much for your support! I greatly appreciate it man! 🙂

  • I’m clever rhymes. I’ve really seen improvements, since i came across you. God bless you boss @cole mize

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