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CMS Quick Guides For Rappers

Quick Guides for Rappers by Cole Mize Studios, provides some of the top tips I have shared over years of teaching my students the art of rap which includes, writing, delivery and other techniques. You can purchase all three Guides in a bundle or separately.

Beat Store

Shop the CMS Beat Store for instrumentals produced by Cole Mize Studios. Listen through a variety of sounds that will make for a flavorful mixtape or album. There are 3 different Leasing options to choose from.

CMS Merch

Shop Merch for Lyricist by Cole Mize Studios! Cool, fun, and empowering quotes such as "Lyrically Dope", "Let's Get It!" on hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, notebooks and more! Something available for Him and Her.

CMS Catalog

One question that Artists ask me often is, “how do I start or build my in-home studio?” This catalog includes my recommendations for home-studios, merch, the CMS Quick Guides for Rappers and more.

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