Shifting End Rhymes | Different Ways To Rhyme In Rap

There are many ways that you can structure your rhyme schemes in rap. One of the most common techniques we use is something known as end rhymes.


End rhymes are the last place that we rhyme within a bar and are typically placed on or around the 4th beat of a bar.

Let’s take a quick listen to an example of this and then I’m going to show you two awesome techniques that you can use to make your raps stand out by manipulating your end rhymes.

For todays example, I’m using a beat that I produced called “Midnight Drive” if you like this beat and wish to support the channel you purchase it over on my beat store.


This first technique I’d like to share is something I like to refer to as a shifting end rhyme. In my last example, all of my rhymes were landing in the same exact spot on the 2nd half of the 4th beat which sounded great!

But if your end rhymes always have the same exact structure throughout your verses, they run the risk of becoming too predictable and boring.

So what you can do from time to time to switch things up, is place the end rhyme someplace earlier every other bar throughout a 4 bar section.

In this example, I placed my end rhyme on the 2nd half of the 4th beat on bar 1 just like I did before, but on the 2nd bar I placed my end rhyme directly on the 3rd beat. And then I repeat this same end rhyme scheme pattern for the following 2 bars with my end rhyme landing on the 2nd half of beat 4 on bar 3 and on the 3rd beat of bar 4.


The 2nd trick I’d like to show you is something I like to call “Late End Rhymes”

One way that rappers sometimes limit themselves is they try to cram a full thought into every bar. But sometimes you need to give yourself more room to really convey what you’re trying to say. This same concept rings true with how we structure our end rhymes as well.

With Late End Rhymes we place our end rhyme towards the beginning of the following bar.

In this example, I don’t rhyme at all on the 1st bar and place my end rhyme on the 1st beat of bar 2. I repeat this same end rhyme scheme pattern for 4 bars which means I placed my final end rhyme on the 1st beat of bar 5.

Now that you’re aware of these two techniques just think about all the different ways you can apply them. For example, you could create a late end rhyme scheme like I just showed you but also shift the placement of the end rhyme every other bar like I did in my first example.

Our you could place our end rhyme on a different beat for every bar for 4 bars and then repeat that pattern for the next 4 bars.

There’s so many creative things you can do with how you structure your end rhymes and keep in mind, end rhymes aren’t the only place we rhyme either. You can apply these techniques with any other rhyme schemes you’re juggling as well!

So here’s my challenge to you, try to write 4 bars in the comments section below using one or both of the techniques I shared with you today!

My name is Cole Mize with where I strive to make you a better rapper now. If you’re trying to perfect you rap skills, make sure you get yourself a free copy of my eBook the #1 fundamental to rapping below. And always remember, when it comes to rapping, theirs no rules, theirs only techniques. Peace!

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