Dropbox – The Ultimate File Sharing Solution


We have all ran into roadblocks when needing to send large files over the internet only to be informed by our e-mail provider that our file sharing is limited to only a few measly megabytes. Well it’s time to kiss your file sharing handicaps goodbye because in this article I will break down why Dropbox is the ultimate file sharing solution for you!

Back In The Day

Let’s face the facts, e-mail has been around since the dawn of the internet. Back in those days dinosaur computers bret_the_hit_man_heart_AOL_computer_90swere roaming the earth and we signed into the internet through the telephone. There was no spam and when you heard the glorious phrase “you’ve got mail” it really meant something!

Back on those ancient times we didn’t have large files to share like we to today. Hard drive capacity in the early 90’s was a whopping 170 mb! And we was scratching our heads trying to imagine how we could ever fill up that much space! High speed internet changed everything and it allowed us to share more information quicker.

Our Needs Have Changed

The problem is that e-mail has stood the test of time and has become an old_packard_bell_computer_90'sintegral tool in our every day lives but it wasn’t designed with large file sharing in mind. E-mail providers have made efforts to increase the allocated memory for file sharing but it still pales in comparison with what our modern needs actually are.

New Tools For A New Era

High speed internet has enabled us to work together with people all around the world and Dropbox has provided us with the tools to easily do so! So whether your a musician needing to send your recordings to a mixing engineer, a photographer wanting to share 100’s of photos with your clients, or just someone who recorded a cool video that you want to share with your family and friends, Dropbox easily makes it all possible.

In A Nut Shell

The way it works is quite simple. Dropbox utilizes cloud technology just like Evernote, which acts like a virtual hard drive on the internet. This means you can save your files on your own personal cloud drive and access it from any device, anywhere! This technology allows you to bypass having to upload files using your e-mail provider and simplydropbox_cloud_technology copy and paste a link to the file or folder you would like to share with someone. And they don’t even have to have Dropbox to download the file you’re sharing with them, how cool is that?


Another cool feature of Dropbox is that it allows you to work together with people by sharing the same folder and files with each other. For example if I was mixing a song for an artist I could create a folder entitled “artist name” and give that artist exclusive access to that folder. Now every time that me or the artist adds or edits a file in that folder we both have access to the updated version of it. This eliminates you having to e-mail each other back and forth with newer versions of the same file! It’s poetry!

Backup Storage 

Not only does Dropbox allow you to send and collaborate with others using large files but it also functions as the ultimate backup tool. For example Dropbox has an optional function that can be toggled on or off which allows you dropbox_backupto automatically backup all the pictures you take on your mobile device. This means every time you take a picture or video on your mobile device it’s automatically uploaded and stored in your Dropbox for safe keeping.

Backup Your Backup!

And if you’re worried about loosing important files from your computer or other devices in the event of your hard drive crapping out on you just copy them to your Dropbox and you will have a secure backup! Pretty cool huh? And if you accidentally delete an important file from your Dropbox you can easily restore it for up to 30 days! Now that’s comforting to know!


A pet peeve of mine is when a company makes a product that’s exclusively for only one platform. I get it, companies of these platforms are trying to persuade people to buy into the exclusivity of their brand. However I can’t recommend a product or service to everyone if everyone can’t use it. Thank goodness that Dropbox isn’t platform prejudice and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless if your a Mac, PC, iPhone or Android user!


Another thing I love about Dropbox is it’s scalability. They start you off with 2 gigabytes for absolutely FREE! You can get more free space for each additional device that you install Dropbox on and for referring friends using your referral link. To get your referral link just sign in or setup your free account account via Dropbox.com and then go to https://www.dropbox.com/referrals . If you don’t have the time for all of that they offer 1 Terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) for only $10 a month! Not bad at all!

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