Eminem Verzuz Busta Rhymes | Who Would Win?


Recently Dr.Dre shared a post of Eminem rapping a piece of his song “Godzilla” with the caption of “Marshall Mathers Vs Who?” which has sparked quite the debate. 

People have begun to wonder if Eminem were to do a Verzuz battle, who would be a good opponent? One living legend that kept popping up is Busta Rhymes who recently tried to do a Verzuz Battle with T.I. but nothing materialized.

Since then the internet has been buzzing with the debate of who would win a verzuz battle between Eminem and Busta Rhymes.


Vlad TV said “You can debate Eminem Verzuz Busta Rhymes all you want, but add up the numbers behind each of their top 5 biggest songs on Spotify (all of them older songs btw) and you’ll see that Eminem has 5 Times the views of Busta”.

Here’s what some people in the community had to say in response


Dope.ghost: “I’ll admit that Busta doesn’t have the same crowd Eminem has. But take those crowds away and it’s clear as day that Busta is the better performer. They’re both incredible rappers and performers, but I’ve never seen someone, on some hip-hop shit, bring energy to the stage like Busta does. It’s a toss up to me, but Busta is seriously the closest we’re getting to taking Eminem’s face off on some PERFORMANCE shit. Listen to Calm Down. I WANT THAT ON STAGE.”

Mario Odoms: “I don’t think people are understanding the versuz platform, people are basing his decisions off views but the people who listen to Eminem won’t be the people who are supporting the versuz battle.. Unfortunately for Eminem, he is huge but his fan base doesn’t consist of mostly hip-hop fans but Eminem fans!! In a club down the block in the hood Busta’s music will get people more crunk then Eminem’s music.. Again I’m speaking from opinion. I am an Eminem fan since I was a kid. I just think mainly your base fans of hip-hop will gravitate more towards Busta.. If it’s a world stage then Eminem beats everyone but this is strictly hip-hop.. Eminem has transcended hip-hop but hasn’t won over the base fans..”

Mel: “I think busta would best him on energy and over all flow. EM is a brilliant lyricist but so is Busta. But Busta has a superior flow energy and stage presence.

Marvell: “Busta rhymes energy is more upbeat than Eminem. So from that aspect, he would. That doesn’t mean he’s a better rapper. There music is just completely different.

Dr. Napoleon: “Nah, I feel like Eminem has more in his bag than Busta But it would still be interesting because they both bring so much energy to they verses”

843_o:  “Numbers don’t equate to impact in the culture… I’m pretty sure his numbers are larger than Tupac, Nas, LL Cool J and biggie as well… Cut it out”

theycallme_j_man: “That ain’t got nothing to do with performing on stage n turning the crowd up which is what verzuz is”

robojason: “Two different audiences. If they performed in front of the same audience that attended the Dipset/LOX vz. Or the Ja Rule/Fat Joe audience, Busta smashes. If they perform in front of the people who go to Eminem shows, Eminem wins easy.”

G 94soles: “Huge fan of both, Eminem is a better rapper but busta makes better enjoyable music for everyone, like shit you can play at clubs, Eminems music is when you ride solo.”

a_jizzal: “Eminem got the better catalog. but The reason people will give Busta. The win is cause Eminem is not going to out perform Busta on that stage”

trackmastersdj: “eminem is dope and an incredible MC, but busta rhymes might be able to destroy him in a LIVE performance on stage. Busta Bust has a lotta energy and classic party tracks to make the crowd go wild.”

cooking_n_bmore_47: “This is stupid…thats like saying vanilla ice was better than rakim because he sold more songs than the god emcee…em dont have bustas energy or songs that busta has in a face to face battle (dont @me stans because im just gonna block you ).”

mychael757: “Em has the fame and numbers…..but the ppl that watch verzuz(me included) will bop harder to bustas hits…..busta wins.”


I personally feel like a Verzuz battle between Eminem and Busta Rhymes would be a good battle because both have a deep catalog of hit songs and loads of awesome collaborations with other artists. 

However, I do agree that Busta Rhymes is on another level when it comes to his stage presence and many of his hit songs are meant to make you want to move and dance.

Verzuz battles are not a battle of lyricism or popularity, it’s about who has the songs and stage presence to rock the crowd more, and for that reason, I tend to lean towards Busta Rhymes winning.

But I’m curious to hear what you all have to say about this. Who do you think would win in Verzuz battle between Eminem and Busta Rhymes and why?

Do you feel like these two pair well in a battle with each other? If not who would you pair each of them up with?

I personally would love to see Busta Rhymes compete against Ja Rule. I know Ja Rule already demolished Fat Joe in a Verzuz battle but Ja Rule has so many hits and his stage presence is incredible! If DMX was still with us, I would have loved to see him battle Busta as well!

But what do you ya’ll think? Let me know in the comments section below.

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