Eminem’s Best Rhyme Scheme Ever! | How To Rap Like Eminem

In today’s video, you’re going to learn how to rap like Eminem by getting a deeper understanding of how complex his rhyme schemes really are! Today’s example is from Eminem’s songs Marshall Mathers

Eminem is rhyming a lot more than you may realize!

Most people, when they think about rhyming words, they think about a whole word rhyming with another whole word but it’s way deeper than that, because each word is made up of multiple sounds. So Eminem is rhyming on much more of a deeper level than just rhyming words with words. He’s rhyming sounds with sounds.

Now I want to play it back multiple times and highlight all the specific sounds that he’s using to rhyme which is much more than you may realize.

“S” Sounds

“N” Sounds

“ah” Sounds

“uh” Sounds

“wh” + “p” Sounds

“eh” + “e” + “o” Sounds

All Sounds At Once

So the next time that you’re writing your lyrics and you’re trying to write more, remember it’s way more deeper than just words.

Remember, where not just rhyming with words where rhyming sounds with sounds. For example, if I were to say I got hit over my big head with a blue baseball bat, all those B sounds are actually making those words pop out even more. Even though it’s one sound that I was rhyming with the whole time, just to b sounds.

Feel free to drop some of your favorite lyrics below either that you’ve written or one of your favorite rappers have written that uses a lot of rhymes as well.

My name is Cole Mize with Cole Mize Studios where I strive to make you a better rapper now! And if you’re trying to perfect your rap skills before you leave, make sure that you get yourself a free copy of my e-book The number one fundamental to rapping below and always remember when it comes to rapping there’s no rules. there’s only techniques. Peace.

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