Words Of Encouragement: They’re Watching You!

Switching It Up

I often post articles centered around teaching people how to rap and becoming more established artists. But sometimes I like to share what I referencouragement to as words of encouragement. We all need encouragement and we need it often so I hope this is a nice pick me up for you.

Slangin Debbie’s

I work part time merchandising Little Debbie’s for my parents distributorship. It’s a sweet gig and it get’s me out the studio and allows me to mingle among my fellow contributors to society which prevents me from becoming a total recluse. Something happened to me today while working my part time job and I thought it was worth sharing with you all.

So What Had Happend Was

So I’m walking into a local grocery store and begin straightening up one of our displays when suddenly a sweet old lady approaches me inquiring the where words_of_encouragementabout’s of some chicken pot pie. I kindly escorted her to where they are located at while engaging in some friendly conversation. Once we arrived at their stationary location in the freezer department I got on my knees and had to reach in the very back of the bottom shelf in order to get them. I got up, handed the highly sought after pot pie to the lady, jokingly conversed for a short while longer before wishing her a great day and sending her on her way.

Caught Off Guard

Immediately a second middle aged women approached me but she didn’t need any helping finding anything. To my surprise she asked if there was a 1-800 number that she could call to report how kind and helpful I was being in the store. I shockingly replied “oh mam I don’t work for this store I’m a vendor and work for Little Debbie”. She then insisted that she wanted my bosses number because she wanted to tell him how impressed she was with me. And me being as literal as I am I replied well my boss is my dad and she then insisted for me to give her his number.

I’m About To Call Your Dad!

Before it was all said and done me and this lady probably spoke for 15 minutes. She shared a lot about her life with me which I was very intrigued by hearing stories about the good ole days. She told me that it’s very rare to see young men as myself taking the time to go out of my way to help other people out, especially since I don’t work for the grocery store. I quickly told her that I can’t take all the credit for my behavior because I havencouraging_wordse been blessed with two really awesome parents who have taught me how to treat others not only by words but by example. We wished each other a great day and she closed our conversation with reinforcing the fact the she is about to call my dad! 🙂 lol

Rare From Both Perspectives!

What I took from all of this was you never know who is watching you. I had no idea this women was watching me help this sweet old lady. I do stuff like this all the time because it makes me happy to help people. The lady pointed out how rare it is to see young people like me helping others but it’s just as rare for people to go out of their way to make sure those who are doing good are getting recognized for it.

What You May Not Realize

Often times when we work hard and help others we may feel like it’s not appreciated which may be true in some cases. But don’t let that stop you from working hard and doing right simply because it’s right. Chances are you don’t realize how many lives around you are affected simply by your actions or inaction’s.

What’s Your 1-800 Number?

People don’t always speak up or take the time to give you an attaboy! but it doesn’t mean your work is in vain and isn’t affecting people in a positive manner because I guarantee you that it is! So keep up the good work and just know that your reward is simply the satisfaction of knowing you are doing right by people. You never know when someone may want your 1-800 number and put you on blast in a good way!

    • Thanks Chief I appreciate you stopping by! Word on the street is in the future you are going to be passing out mixtapes at your kids school on career day. lol

  • Hey Cole, it’s been a real long minute. I normally don’t open your e-mails any longer (nothing personal)…but today..I said let me see what you were talking about…to my surprise…I really needed this..because I question why am I always trying to be of help to people. ..while no one gives a crap about me…this gave me a perspective. .I am wired this why for a reason…and I am who I am regardless of others interactions towards me…btw how is your beautiful wife…glad you still holding down the fort with your daddy…he still got you early rising…lol…Take care homie. ..say hey to your lovely for me..I hope her business has florished.Myshell

    • Myshell!! Wow it has been quite a few minutes! lol It’s great to hear from you sis! I am so glad that you came across this article and found it helpful. And yes people do give a crap about you! I do! 🙂 Yes my dad is still got me up before the sun rises and it’s going to be cold and windy in the morning. I’m gone rub my whole face down with Vaseline lol! My wife is doing great, she is summoning me for dinner as I type this. Thanks again for stopping by and it’s always a pleasure to here from you! My wife says hello! Much love grace and peace to you! Take Care!

  • What’s Up Cole? It’s been a while since we touched bases with each other. Just glad that you’re doing good. We need to get together some time and catch up . I know we both have our own lives and things going, it’s been forever. Keep Up the great work. Showin Ya Love Bro!!!

    • Yo JD! It’s always great to hear from you bro! I really appreciate you taking a moment to stop by my way and sho love! Hey i’m down to link up sometime bro. Are you still in Monroe?

    • Thanks Katie! I’m glad that you enjoyed my article and thanks for taking the time to drop me a comment and let me know you stopped by the studio! Much love to you and yours as well! 🙂

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