Freestyle Rap Video – Cole Mize – Sep 05 – Oct 17

As you may already know I have recently started using this blog to teach people how to rap. I am constantly trying to improve my craft and one thing I recently started doing was making short 15 second freestyle rap videos on my instagram. Above you will see a video I put together which features all my freestyle videos from the past two months.

This has been a good exercise for me personally. I have noticed that since doing so I have gotten better at thinking up stuff on the spot. Which is essentially what we all do when we sit down to write a rhyme. Some of these freestyles are straight on the spot recordings. On the other hand some of them I came up with while I was working my part time morning job with my dad slangin Little Debbies lol it’s a sweet gig!

My Biggest Accomplishment

The biggest accomplishment I have achieved during the past two months of doing these videos is not even necessarily rap related. It’s simply freestyle_rap_and_consistency_equals_successreaching a goal of consistency. It’s very easy to form bad habits but it takes far more discipline to form good ones. In order for you to see results in whatever it is that you are doing you must be consistent.

Efficiency Is Key

Like I stated earlier, the main reason I have been doing these videos is to form a rap exercise if you will. One of my goals of personal development as an artist is to get better at freestyling. Not necessarily to show off or for entertainment purposes but to help me be more efficient as a writer. I am more of a lyrical writer and I use a lot of word play coupled with complex rhyme schemes. But honestly I spend hours on my verses and it can become cumbersome.

Don’t Kill The Vibe

One thing I feel that is important when making music is to keep your vibe. Music is all about emotion and if you loose it during the creation process it can dramatically effect the finished product in a negative way. Plus you should never loose sight of why we all make music in the first place, enjoyment! So my major goal of stepping my freestyle game up is to make my music creation process more enjoyable for me personally.

What are some of your personal development goals? Do you feel that freestyling is important? why or why not? Please drop your 2 cents in the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Until next time I wish you the best as we all strive together to be a better rapper now.


  • Cole is a master at what he knows how to do best, RAP!

    Seeing things; see that/feedback…
    Really learning, thanks to Cole, my rap mentor, Sir.

  • You popped my cherry to jump on a beat ive been up all night nd im not stopping i swear im addicted to writing lyrics nd now i feel another challenge i want to achieve and master i never in my life freestyled or wrote rhymes untill just 4/5 months ago nd im absolutley hooked. Thanks for the helpful tips cause i was ready to give up on the whole beat thiing nd just kept acapella much love brotha keep up the good work!

    • LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your break through with me! And I’m humble to have been a contributing influence to it! That’s why I do what I do! I’m glad that you are finding my content helpful! Keep up the hard work Dustin and I will make sure I do the same!! 🙂

  • Coach, wasn’t there another article in which you gave some tips on freestyling, how to begin freestyle by making a book of rhymes? Is that article still on the site? Cause I’m not able to find it

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