Hip Hop Rappers & Singers dealing with frustration.

Hip Hop Rappers Singers Dealing With Frustration

Hip Hop Rappers & Singers dealing with frustration.

I’m not as far along as I should be

Have you ever found yourself watching  or listening to hip hop rappers or singers that you admire only to ask yourself ,”Why aren’t I as far along as they are?”. I believe we all can probably admit that we have been there at some time or another. At first we are just admiring their level of what we consider success. How popular they are, how many records they have sold, awards that they have won, other amazing artists that they have worked with so on & so forth.  And then suddenly we switch from them to ourselves and begin to quickly get frustrated as we pose such questions as “How come I’m not as successful as they are?, Am I even good enough? Why don’t I have the same hook ups as they do? Have I just been wasting my time all along?

Don’t be deceived

What is so tragic about this way of thinking is that it’s completely irrational. It’s not driven by logic but rather by emotions that abruptly births pessimistic thoughts & if we don’t check it at the door we can allow ourselves to be deceived into believing a bunch of lies.  The truth is we as people tend to give more weight to negativity than it deserves allowing it to be magnified larger than the multitude of positives that is so blatantly present. 100 people could tell us how much they enjoy us as hip hop rappers & singers and a couple of people come along and completely bash it and all of a sudden our world comes tumbling down.

The power of perspective

Unless you know the hip hop rappers or singers that you are comparing yourself to personally then you really don’t have a clue what obstacles they have had to overcome and what sacrifices they have had to make to be where they are at today. And don’t lose sight of how far you have come already as well. Always keep a mental log of your accomplishments such as how much you have developed your skill as an artist, people you have touched, projects you have completed, relationships with your fans that you have established, valuable lessons you have learned from past mistakes, support you have received from others, venues you have performed at, bloggers & websites that have featured you etc. If you focus on these things you will probably quickly realize how far you have come already.

This is not a talent show

Use this positive thinking as fuel to keep pressing on forward. Someone could be beating themselves up because they are not where you are at just as easily as you could be doing to yourself in relation to another artist. There is power in having the right perspective. Remember this is not a talent show, effort trumps talent any day of the week. The harder you work toward something the closer you will get to it. So don’t give up & stay focused! Cheers to your advancements in your endeavors! If you enjoyed this blog on How Hip Hop Rappers & Singers Can Deal With Frustration & Anxieties and would like to stay updated on future postings you can subscribe here.

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