how close are you?

How Close Are You?

how close are you?

It’s not about how you start

We all at some point in time have wanted to give up on something. In the beginning we are full of optimism and hope for the abundance of opportunities that surely awaits us.  Assured of our success and overtaken by adrenaline we charge forward with guns blazing anxious to cease what is ours! As we begin to run our course we quickly realize the sobering reality that engulfs us; we are not alone in our pursuit, in fact others are so far ahead of us that they must have began their course well before its inception was initially conceived within our minds. Now everything looks different. The sun shine quickly vanishes away only to be replaced by the moon which spotlights clouds of darkness. Obstacles seems to be strategically placed in our way which cause detours that obscure our guidance away from the beaten path. Suddenly the weight of opposition crushes our ambitions and though we just started we already feel defeated. Feeling deceived by our optimism which implied this would be easy we raise our white flags to signify that we surrender and we begin to look for the nearest exit.

A few things to consider

I don’t know about you but I can certainly relate to the scenario above and I can see a few things that are wrong with it.  In the beginning there is only optimism. Now optimism is great! It is a positive and hopeful way of thinking. It always is looking for the good and positive in things. Also in the end the mindset completely changes. It goes from optimistic to pessimistic almost instantly. Pessimistic thinking focuses pretty much on doom and gloom and tends to only expect the worst outcome of a situation. If you only think optimistically then you may not consider risks, difficulties & worst out comes. Only thinking optimistically can leave you ill prepared to mentally handle the worst case scenarios. If you only think pessimistically then you will rule out any possibility of hope and will most likely do nothing at all since you are expecting nothing good to come of it anyways.

Balance between the two

The important thing here is to not use either one as your only way of thinking. They both balance each other out. You should always weigh the good with the bad. This allows to you consider all positive and negative possibilities before making a decision. It prepares you mentally for all that you may be facing which gives you insight and allows you to be more proactive than reactive. And when you do experience obstacles or opposition you are not shocked by its presence because you already expected that it may present its self at some point in time.

It’s about how you finish

In summary it’s important to prepare yourself as much as possible for your pursuits. No matter how prepared you are there will still be difficulties along the way and lessons to be learned. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by comparing your level of success with others because you don’t know the amount of struggles and difficulties they have faced as well.  It’s not about how you start it’s about how you finish. And finishing something takes laser beam focus, dedication and endurance. It’s not about how skilled you are but about how much effort you are willing to put into something. Don’t lose sight of how far you’ve already come because you may not realize how close that you actually are. If you enjoyed this blog on How Close Are You? and would like to stay updated on future postings you can subscribe here.

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