I Wrote 4 Hooks To Completely Different Instrumentals! | How To Begin Writing A Song

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to begin writing a song. I demonstrate how to overcome one of the most difficult parts of songwriting…finding inspiration. There’s no right or wrong way to write a song. My only rule for songwriting is to follow the inspiration.

Where To Begin?

If you don’t have any inspiration then don’t wait for inspiration to find you. You must find the inspiration by showing up, getting out of your own way by not overthinking things, and being overly critical and judgemental.

The songwriting process is an iterative process which means that you don’t always know exactly where you should go with a song. You don’t know what melody you should use for a hook, or which cadence is best for a rap you’re working on until you figure out which ones don’t work. Each one you discover that doesn’t work is getting you closer to finding the right answer.

Finding Inspiration

In this video, I demonstrate an interesting way that you can find inspiration quickly and that’s by using a VST instrument called Chromatic by LandR. Chromatic is built by musicians for musicians! You will find loads of inspiring loops played by talented musicians across many genres! You will also find obscure sounds that you don’t hear every day!

One thing I love about beginning to write a song with Chromatic is that it’s like writing to an instrumental but you have individual control of all of the loops to the instrumental. You can even combine loops together from different sound sets to create your own instrumental!

And you can have peace of mind using all of the loops in Chromatic because they are royalty-free which means you can legally make money off the songs that you make with Chromatic and you keep all the money! How awesome is that!

Where To Get It

You can give Chromatic a try for free and you will get one free sound set for every mood they offer. And if it tickles your fancy you can unlock the full library for only $9.99 per month! And your library will always be growing because LANDR is constantly adding fresh new sound sets to Chromatic!

You can give it a try for FREE by using this link 

You can also get Chromatic as a part of LANDR’s all-access pass by using this link (Save 30% now with this coupon: GETLANDR_COLEMIZE30OFF) which gives you everything they have to offer which includes the following…

  • Mastering
  • Distribution to all major online outlets such as iTunes, and Spotify.
  • A huge library of samples
  • Sessions which allows you to stream high-quality video calls from your DAW
  • FX suite
  • VocalAlign which automatically edits your background vocals timing to match your lead vocals
  • Projects which is their cloud collaboration tool
  • and LANDR insider which gives you early access to new products!

I had a blast using Chromatic and I think you will too! Give it a try!

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