How To Improve Your Scatting Part 1

Most people don’t realize that rappers are musicians. This is why rappers are able to make their lyrics sound so “musical” over any instrumental!

And the key to improving your rapping skills musically comes down to a really powerful technique rappers use called Scatting!

In PART 1 of this video tutorial, I explain and demonstrate what scatting is and give you practical tips on how you can start improving your scatting skills now! LET’s GET IT!!

You can watch PART 2 of this video tutorial by clicking here

  • I was scatting and not even realized it till now. So now that I know I’m gonna do it consciously and see how my next song comes out. Some instrumentals seem difficult then others and now I know its cuz my skatting ability is limited. Thanks Cole after the holidays I’m looking forward to 1 on 1 sessions ! Stay blessed

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