How To Improve Your Scatting Part 2

During part 1 of this tutorial, I explained what scatting was, how it works, the key benefits and I gave several examples of me scatting live!

If you haven’t already seen PART 1 be sure to check it out first via this link.

In this video tutorial, I continue to expound upon and demonstrate the benefits that rappers receive from scatting!

I also reveal how you can use scatting to improve your rap voice as well!

You will also learn how you can get started with scatting immediately even if you can’t come up with any cadences of your own! LET’S GET IT!!

  • Dude straight up your.number 1. Better than rob level and drew morrisey. I find with drew, unless your buying his stuff, the youtube videos give you nothing. He just talks for 10 minutes and literally says nothing. Smart rapper is better than how to rap. Cause although rob does the same thing as drew. He will actually slip you a minor tidbit. But you dude, the best. You get down to the nity grity and try your best to make sure we understand everything. I appreciate everything you have done for me my dude. Thank you

    • Hey Jordan, thanks so much for your kind remarks bro! I’m really happy to hear that my content has been so helpful to you! As an educator, nothing brings me greater satisfaction than knowing that I’m effectively empowering others with the knowledge that I have. I hope that my content continues to serve you greatly and I’m looking forward to sharing so much more with you all! Much love and respect! ✌️? – Cole Mize

      • Not a problem Cole. It definently will. I watch and rewatch your videos and practice to them daily. I’m determined to get to where my goal is as a rapper. The one thing I struggle with is the scatting to make flow patterns. So I’m just gonna keep practicing. Thanks for everything bro.

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