How To Rap – Breathing Techniques

Your Lungs Are A Gas Tank

One thing that is often overlooked when learning how to rap is understanding the importance of breathing. I like to think of your lungs as a gas tank and we all know what happens to a car when it runs out of gas, it dies! The same thing applies to rappers when it comes to spitting verses. If you are not giving your lungs enough air then the quality of your vocals will suffer because of it and it will sound very amateur.

What’s Your Threshold?

It’s very important to try and keep a decent among of air in your lungs during the whole time you are rapping. This will preserve the tone and emotion of your vocals. Once the air level in your lungs dips below a certain threshold you will notice an immediate drop in your vocals how_to_rap_breathing_techniquesenergy level. This is something that’s important for you to pay attention to in order to better learn your lungs capacity.

Don’t Use Up To Much Gas

As you become more aware of your lungs capacity you will be able to fine tune your lyrics by giving yourself the adequate amount of pauses for breathing. If you find that in these pauses your are having to take deep long gasping breathes then that’s a good indication that you are still using up to much air in your lungs and need to go back and work in some more pauses.

Subtle And Consistent

Fitting in spaces within your lyrics is an art form within itself. This technique is very subtle and so should the application of it. The trick is for your breaths to be consistent and short. You shouldn’t wait until you are out of breath to breathe. You don’t want for your tank to go empty but instead you should be constantly topping it off to keep it full.

Using this technique will prevent your vocals from losing energy & emotion as well as increase your endurance to go the distance in your verses without loosing momentum.

How Did I Do?

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