Learn How To Rap Fast With This One Practice Drill | Rap Flow Tutorial

In this video, you’re going to learn how to rap fast with this one practice drill technique that I like to call “Interval Training”. This is going to be a guided practice where you simply repeat the cadence I rap into the empty space I leave behind.


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Now one of the keys to learning how to rap fast is learning how to use 32nd notes. It’s very common for us rappers to use 32nd notes for short periods of time to give our cadence a drum roll type of feel.

To get started let’s do the 16 count which uses the number of the beat followed by yuh beh duh. So One yuh beh duh, Two yuh beh duh, Three yuh beh duh, Four yuh beh duh.

But we’re going to make a slight modification and convert the 16th note leading into beat 4 into two 32nd notes. The main takeaway here is this, you can convert any 16th note within a bar into two 16th notes, and we’re going to be doing alot of that during this practice so hold tight.

So let’s through this cadence back and forth. I’m going to rap it for 1 bar and leave 1 bar of empty space for you to fill in and we’ll each rap the cadence a total of 4 times a peace. Let’s get it.


Okay, now let’s build upon the previous cadence and also convert the 16th note leading into beat two into two 32nd notes.


Okay, now let’s continue to build upon the previous cadences and also convert the 16th notes leading into beat three and the last 16th note of beat 4 into two 32nd notes


Okay, now let’s continue to build upon the previous cadences and also convert the 2nd 16th notes of beat 1,2,3 and 4 into two 32nd notes. This cadence reminds me of a horse galloping. Let’s get it.


Okay, let’s heat things up a bit more and fill in the entire 4th beat with eight 32nd notes. This is where you are really going to feel like you’re rapping fast.

2 Keys To Rapping Fast

[1] One key to rapping fast is using a well-balanced combination of sounds so that you’re not overloading one part of your mouth which is known as a “tongue-twister”. 

[2] Another key to rapping fast is eliminating as many stressed syllables as possible.

With those two tips in mind, I was very particular about which combination of sounds I used for this exercise. I decided to go with these 8 syllables “Want To Get It Better Get It”

But the “T” on the words “want” and “to” are taking up too much space due to the amount of stress that’s needed to make the “t” sounds so I shaved them off a bit and said “wanna” instead.

And on the word “Better” I shaved the “r” off and said behduh”

So what we’re going to say is “wanna get it beh duh get it”

Compare that to “Want To Get It Better Get It”

Now with all that being said… let’s get it!


Now we’re just going to add two more 32nd notes onto our last cadence by placing two 32nd notes on the last 16th note of beat 3 by using the words “see ya” so know were saying “see ya wanna get it beh duh get it”


Now let’s bring back our horse galloping cadence to fill in all the empty space from our last cadence.


Now let’s continue to build upon the last cadence and fill in beat two with 32nd notes and we’ll swap out the words “Buh Duh” with “See Ya” for the two 32nd notes leading into beat two.


Now let’s really heat things up and fill beats one and two with 32nd notes. Your really going to start feeling like you’re rapping like Tech n9ne at this point. Speaking of which, I did a video breaking down Tech N9ne’s rap flow which you can check out here.

Now for this drill were going to use the same words as last time to fill in all the 16th notes with 32nd notes up until the 1st 16th note of beat two. Then we’re going to fill in the remainder of beat two with 32nd notes using the words “I don really wanna”

So in total we’re now going to say “See Ya Wanna get it beh duh get it I don really wanna” which is a total of 16 32nd notes that we’re fitting with two beats!


Now let’s go crazy! Let’s fill in the 2nd half of empty space with all the 32nd notes from our last cadence. We’re now going to be rapping a total of 32 32nd notes within one bar! This is going to be tough but I believe you can do it! Let’s get it!!

How did you do?

Now I know that was really tough! Let me know how you think you did in the comments section below.

And if you’re wanting to dig even deeper into perfecting your rap flow, stay tuned because I’m about to drop a rap course that’s going to help you take your rap flow to a whole new level! And if you’re watching this in the future I’ll be sure to post a link to it in the video description below.

My name is Cole Mize with ColeMizeStudios.com where I strive to make you a Better Rapper Now! And if you’re trying to perfect your rap skills, make sure you get yourself a FREE copy of my eBook The #1 Fundamental To Rapping via the form below. And always remember, when it comes to rapping, there’s no rules, there’s only techniques. Peace!

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