How To Rap Like Nipsey Hussle – Rap Flow Practice

How To Rap Like Nipsey Hussle – Rap Flow Practice

In this video, we’re going to push a cadence from the legendary rapper “NIPSEY HUSSLE” from his iconic hook on the hit song “Last Time That I Checc’d”

Now one thing that’s interesting about this cadence is that it begins on the 2nd half of beat 3 leading into the hook. This is the same place that 50 Cent began his hook on his hit song “In Da Club”  

Now each cadence that we use will end on the 1st half of beat 3 so that we can seamlessly throw these cadences back and forth with each other. So as I end my cadence on the first half of beat 3 you will begin saying your cadence on the 2nd half of beat 3. For example

Also, I’m doing something a little different with these cadence drills, I’m using real words instead of scatting sounds. So let me know in the comments what you prefer me to do in future videos, use real words or scat sounds?

Also, for this practice, we’ll be using an instrumental I produced called Bounty Hunter which is available for purchase on my beat store.

Now let’s get straight to it!





Now if you enjoyed this exercise checkout my playlist of all my other rap drills. And don’t leave before grabbing yourself a copy of my free Ebook “The #1 Fundamental To Rapping” below 👇 And always remember, when it comes to rapping there’s no rules there’s only techniques. Peace!

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