How To Rap Like Snoop Dogg

How To Rap Like Snoop Dogg

In this video we’re going to push a cadence from the legendary rapper “Snoop Dogg” from his iconic verse on the hit song “Nuthin but a G thang”

Now for the uninitiated when I say we’re pushing a cadence, that means we’re taking a cadence and we’re going to start changing it in different ways while maintaining its groove. So as we change it, it will still feel like it’s in the same family of the original cadence.

Learning to do this will open up so many more possibilities with your rap flow making your flow more fluid and versatile.

The other big takeaway is this. If you feel like you’re running out of ideas for your rap flow, just think of a couple of bars from one of your favorite rap songs and then try pushing it in different ways just like we’re about to do right now.

When doing this, just make sure you understand how the rappers cadence begins within the bar.

How To Rap Like Snoop Dogg on Nothin’ But a “G” Thang


In today’s examples, Snoop’s verse literally starts with him doing the 4 count so he lands the word one on the 1st beat of the bar.

And As we push this cadence we’ll start scatting the new parts. Since this is a scat, you can use whatever sounds you want, just try to mimic the cadence.

We’ll be doing these for 2 bars a piece. I’ll go first and then you copy what I do by filling in the 2 bars I leave behind.

We’ll be using a beat that I produced called Bounty Hunter which I’ll post a link to in the video description below.

Now let’s get it!


Now if you enjoyed this exercise checkout my playlist of all my other rap drills. And don’t leave before grabbing yourself a copy of my free Ebook “The #1 Fundamental To Rapping” below and always remember, when it comes to rapping theirs no rules theirs only techniques. Peace!

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