How To Rap: Fitting Lyrics To Beats

When learning how to rap one very important technique to acquire is the ability to fit your lyrics to beats. Often times us rappers may be inspired to write in a moments notice and before we know it we have a whole verse or even a song but with no instrumental to rap it to. Once we do find a beat to rap to we often are faced with the dilemma of our lyrics not fitting perfectly with the beat.

Now more experienced rappers may write lyrics with a sort of internal tempo if you will. When you become more familiar with your style of rapping you will be able to more easily write lyrics without a beat while still having a structured tempo and rhythm to your rhymes. This makes it a lot more easier to apply your lyrics to a beat once you find one that suites you.

Less experienced rappers will most likely find this task a little more problematic. It can be kind of frustrating when you don’t have a clear idea of what is causing your lyrics to sound off beat and you may not know ways that you can tailor fit your lyrics to mesh well with the instrumental. Don’t pull your hair out lol that is why I am here!

In this video I will break all of that down. I use lyrics that I wrote without a beat and then I invite you in as I begin to fit my lyrics to a beat from start to finish. I hope that you find this helpful. If you have questions, comments or feedback please drop your 2 cents in the comments section below.

  • Man!!! I promise I use this technique Cole but the way you just broke this video down, you just learned me a few things homie!! I dig your vision bro and I pray that God multiplies it homie!!!

    • What’s up Kel! It’s great to hear from you bro!! I’m so glad to hear that you found this video helpful! I will keep them coming every week. And thanks a million for the encouragement! God bless you to bro! Is there anything in particular you may be interested in me covering in the future?

      • Actually I need to tighten up on my ad libs if you could touch up on that cause I hardly ever do them because I have trouble with them. I think this is awesome what you doin man, keep it up!!!

        • Hey Kel It’s always a pleasure to hear from you bro! Man that’s a really great question concerning adlibs and a very common one at that.

          Next Monday I’m going to cover breathing techniques and I’ll make sure to cover adlibs the following Monday.

          Thanks so much for your encouragement bro! It’s very gratifying to know I’m helping others out. And I sincerely appreciate your input as well! Just that alone is not only helping me out but the rest of the online community as well. So always feel free to chime in because you have a voice in this community.

          Thanks again for your support and it’s my pleasure to serve you guys. Much love!

  • Hey Cole, I greatly appreciate your help homie. It’s been amazing how much better I’ve gotten due to you. You deserve the best, and THEN SOME dog.

  • Hey Cole Mize, I found your video very helpful, and this technique seems to work very well. I was wondering if it would work to match lyrics to a beat that has been made beforehand, as opposed to making the lyrics first and then finding a beat to match. Thanks for your help,keep it up!

    • Hey Gio, I’m glad you enjoyed my video and found it helpful! Actually that’s exactly what I did in this video. I wrote the lyrics first without any beat and then I went and found a beat and fit the lyrics to the beat. The beat I picked didn’t fit the lyrics which was the purpose of this video. Thanks for the positive feedback! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • check it out you did that like a mother plucking master you explained it by showing how to do and that was fantastic and that helped now do you have a video about how to find your rap voice I started taking rapping serious 3 weeks ago I have 8 songs with one verse and I cant get the second verse nor am I satisfied with my rap voice so can you teach on that

    • Hey Jean thanks for all the positive feedback! I’m really glad you enjoyed this lesson and found it to be helpful! Yes I will certainly be making videos in the future on finding and improving your rap voice. Until then feel free to check out this article I wrote called How To Improve Your Rap Voice With Emotions and follow the links within the article because they link to other articles that relate to this subject. I hope this helps you out and thanks again for your comment! 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • Hi Cole, it’s been a long time and now it’s my school break. I want to get back to rapping, but I found out that I have not write lyrics in a while and didn’t feel right on every aspect. For example, I find that the lyrics I wanna write doesn’t fit to a specific beat. Also, another question is it more advisable to find a beat then write to it, or can I write my lyrics then rap to a beat.

    • You can actually do both. I prefer writing to music so I don’t have to tweak it later. Here is a video of me making lyrics fit to a beat that I didn’t write to. And here’s a video of me writing lyrics to a beat. Either way is fine as long as everything fits to the beat nice and snug in the end. I hope this helps 🙂 -Cole Mize

      • Thank you so much, another question I have is, how do you find a good beat to write to? I find that I have topics with me that I want to write to, but I feel that the beat is not right for that topic, is there an easy way to know if the beat is suitable?

        • Well what a good beat is really based upon your personal opinion. I explain how to find quality beats in my article Top Ten Tips For Buying Rap Beats Online. But allow the beat to speak to you. Pay attention to what the beat makes you think about or what emotional state it puts you in when you listen to it. For example if the beat is really mellow and soft you may be inclined to talk about someone you’re crushing over, or something that’s been on your mind that you want to flesh out. But if the beat is really upbeat and crunk you may want to talk about something more energetic like going to a party, getting in a fight, running from the cops lol I don’t know. I hope that helps 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • This video was helpful for sure but did u already have a cadence in mind when u was writing this? Reason I ask is because I have a verse that I’m tryin to find a beat for and I’m having trouble catching the beat with it at all I’ve tried a few higher tempo and couple lower and mid tempo … I’ve went as far as having a friend strum his guitar to it and still having trouble with it … not to mention I’m limited to the tools I need like I find beats on YouTube or tap on the table .. with that being said rappin is just a way for me express myself and it’s kinda just recently turned into more of hobby type deal …but I wanna take it to the next level.

    • Hey Cole,

      Good question. Honestly I didn’t really have a cadence in mind when I wrote these lyrics. The trick however is once I found an intrumental I was able to come up with some cadences that matched the instrumental and then I worked towards tweaking the lyrics so that they fit my cadence. I hope that makes since 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • Hey Cole, I am a person who writes my own raps but one Problem I have with my raps is that it is very hard for me to find a spot where I can transition into my hook. I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers on that? I feel like my rap is just going non stop and its hard to stop doing that, and focus on making a hook that I can throw in.

  • so… I love writin lyric’s. I sit for day’s, week’s, and even month’s unemployed doin nothin, but writin rap’s. the problem I have is every single time I go to record my stuff it’s like I’ve never recorded a word to anything before in my life (even though I’ve been recordin for about 8 month’s, or longer now, and have recorded verse’s out on SoundCloud, and YouTube on about 5 or 6 song’s. I need complete silence when writin, so I shut off TV’s, friend’s, family, and anything that can distract me. I try to memorize a beat when I write to it because I don’t listen to a beat, or anything for that matter when I write because I don’t know how to without over complicatin everything, and endin up more lost, and frustrated/disappointed by playin a beat when writin. like I said I love writin, but i don’t wanna just write to write, and that’s it. however, I literally HATE recordin because of how seemingly difficult/impossible it is for me. it take’s me month’s to record a 16. I constantly write, and write only to have pointless verse’s that never get recorded to anything. at this point I’m desperate to either find out what I need to do to make recordin less stressfull/difficult for me, or what I need to do to make my brain quit randomly thinkin up useless rhyme’s just cause they’re clever, so I can get on w my life instead of wastin it locked in a room secluded, and anti social writin useless, and irrelevant verse’s.

    • Hey Kenny, I would recommend that you write your lyrics to an instrumental. Your lyrics will never fit the instrumental perfectly without doing so. Start with training your ears to hear the 4 beats and then build from there. If you haven’t already make sure you closely follow my 5 step guide to learning how to rap. It will help you out tremendously. 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • na! man i wanna be, yeah, a rapper too but ts kind like tripping thou. show me some ways , just how to start music, and how to pick your right beats, also do i need to whip the whole beats/song by the same day i collect the beat, or do i need to make ma beats with ma DJ. sure! i need to know just from the time i collect ma beat what are the really recommended things i should really do, between collecting the beat and recording the beat?, coz some people collect a beat and start whipping hooks and verses & record sometimes while some people they go at the studio discuss with the beat-maker, from there, he/she comes home with his/her beat and plan what she will have to sing about and from there she will still need some different people with knowledge about the topic she wants to sing about and get some knowledge from them, ait. this is deep thou! music is tough and cool BUT how to start?

    • Hey Haikali, my best advice would be to bookmark my article on the 5 steps to learning how to rap it will help you navigate through my content in an organized fashion so you can learn things in the right order. In regards to writing to instrumentals. I say follow the inspiration, I don’t write to an instrumental until I find one that moves me emotionally. Then from there, I’ll start scatting to it so that I can cook up some dope cadences.

      I typically like to knock out the hook first. Make sure you read my article on my 5 step process to writing rap songs I break it all down for you. But back to your question, no you don’t have to knock out an entire song in one day. Sometimes it happens that way while other times you may work on a song for a few days maybe 2-3 hours each day. It really all depends. But make sure you check out those two articles, they’re going to help you out tremendously! 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • Cole bro, I don’t know what to say, like a big brother teaching a lil brother, you take your time, you break it down, explain your point, I feel the love bro, your ain’t faking you love doing this, teaching this. I wanna thank you for the all the time and effort you put in to create content for us. I really hope to God you really get what you really want deeply from your heart.
    If you could, please do make a video on vocal exercises so I could find and develop my unique voice as rapper so at least I could graduate from being a kindergarden rapper to Grade 1 rapper.

    Peace bro.

    • Thanks so much for all of your kind words Durran, I really do appreciate it!! I’m wishing you nothing but the best as well! Yes, I will be making many more videos in the future and the subject of vocals is a big one I wish to tackle more. In the meantime make sure you check out my article on improving your rap voice. I think you will really enjoy it. Thanks again for all of the love and support! It means a lot! 🙂 – Cole Mize

    • Hey Ayesha, Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m really glad that you’re enjoying my content. Thanks for reading and commenting as well. I really do appreciate it! 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • hey thankyou im really into word play and have decided to put all my adversity into rapping AS I LOVE POETRY NOW CAN I DOWNLOAD THAT EVER NOTE FREE? And how do o change the type of tune , becasue the tune makes it as much as the lyrics doesnt it. like when i listen to eminem yes i know hes a very outstanding example but i mean all his tunes are different AND THEY MAKE IT SO EFFECTIVE, HOW CAN I DO THAT THANKYOU

    • Thanks for your positive feedback! I really do appreciate. Yes, Evernote is totally FREE! I wrote a blog about Evernote is you wish to learn more about it check it out here. You’re going to love it!

      The music and the lyrics have to work together. It’s not an either-or type of thing. The key is training your ear musically and being diverse as possible. Rapping over different instrumentals will certainly help you with being diverse but you must also be very diverse in your cadences. Make sure you check out my lesson on creating cadences where I use three different rappers cadences from 3 different songs over the same instrumental. I hope this helps! 🙂 – Cole Mize

    • If you’re asking what program that I’m using during the video, it’s called FL Studio. If you misunderstood your questions please let me know. Thanks! 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • Yo Cole thanks for the tips. Really appreciate it. It’s really hard to be able to fit everything on the beat especially when you write in french (maybe I’m just too picky when it comes to rhyming: I want that shit everywhere). Will try to incorporate these next time. Peace!

  • can you rap my lyrics
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