How To Rap: Picking Which Rap Beats To Flow On

A common struggle many artists face who are learning how to rap is coming up with a preset of cadences that they can use to feel out which rap beats to flow on in order to determine if they feel like the beat is right for them in the first place. In this article I’m going to share a few easy to learn cadences that you can use as a starting point to get you going. So without further ado LET’S GET IT!

Cadence Presets

Now cadence presets are cadences that you have previously learned and have them stored within your on internal memory. Chances are you have already learned quite a bit of cadences even if you aren’t aware of it. For example if you have ever memorized a rappers lyrics then chances are you have also learned the cadence that goes a long with it.

The Advantage

Being able to access your preset cadences gives you a big advantage because it eliminates the guessing work of picking out the right beat for you. It saves you time because it gives you a starting point reference of which cadence feels more natural and comfortable to you as rapper. Keep in mind these presets are starting points that you can then tweak to fit any beat you want to rap to.

The Importance Of The Tempo

One important factor to take into consideration when picking a beat is the tempo of the beat. The tempo of the beat will greatly influence the way that you rap to a track. I recommend having 3 cadence presets starting off to accommodate the three main ranges of tempos which are slow, medium and fast.


Slower tempo tracks are usually around 65-75 Beats Per Minute. These are typically your r&b & club type tracks. The slower the beat the more time you have within each measure which consequently means more room for lyrics. This is why rappers who like to rap fast love flowing over slower beats.


Mid tempo is your boom bap style hip hop tracks “east coast sound” which is typically around 85-95 Beats Per Minute. Many rappers favor this range of tempo because it’s not slow nor fast and gives them a good dynamic range to practice many different styles and cadences within. Overall it’s less restrictive and gives you flexibility.


Fast Tempo is typically where your dance and pop music comes into play. This is commonly around 120-140 beats per minute. The faster the tempo is the fewer words are used because there’s a shorter amount of time within each measure.

If you pay close attention you will most likely find yourself gravitating towards 1 of those 3 types of tempos. This is already narrowing down which rap beats are right for you. Now just focus on creating you a few cadence presets for your preferred tempo range and you will be a few steps ahead of the game the next time you begin working on a song.

How Did I Do?

Did you find this article helpful? Have any questions, comments or feedback? I would love to hear from you so make sure you drop your 2 cents in the comments section below!

  • Now I understand what you mean by more room for lyrics it works.
    Thanks for the idea Mr Cole.

  • Great info the only thing I’d say to make this article perfect is to provide one song for each tempo for example.

    • Hey Louis, I’m not sure if you watched the video embedded in this article but I provided 3 different examples using 3 different instrumentals to go along with this lesson. Thanks for reading and I sincerely appreciate your feedback. I’m glad that you enjoyed this article 🙂

  • I love it, it’s makes me easy to understand
    As a beginner I was facing with such difficulties
    Now I’m felling lighter to move onward
    Thank you so much

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Willix. I’m glad to hear my content has been helpful to you. Thanks for reading and commenting. I really do appreciate the support! Keep up the hard work! You got this! 🙂 – Cole Mize

    • My pleasure Ryan! I’m really glad my content is helpful you out! That’s what it’s all about right there! Keep up the hard work and thanks for the support! 🙂 – Cole Mize

      • I get in moods and I like to write. I listen to all kinds of music but now it makes more sense while I can bust a rap to a slow rnb beat.. I really found that educational.. I think I’m going to try picking apart an instrumental of a song I write to and lay something down.. I was in a rehab in Baltimore and I read in front of 150 guys from the streets in a poetry showcase of like 5 artists work. I was proud when these guys from the same streets as me were feeling my stuff shouting for an encore… Even better I still have my writtens. Even I go back and read them in awe of things I forgot I wrote…

  • Wow. I seriously never knew about the three types of tempo, so thank you for that. I just started to make music to upload, and found myself stuck, not knowing certain things. Thank you Cole, your website has really helped and I see improvement in my music, and myself. I look forward to reading more useful articles.

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