I Hate Writing My Rap Lyrics Down! Please Help!

If you’re a rapper that isn’t enjoying writing your rap lyrics down on paper the good news is that you’re not alone…and in this video I’m going to be providing you with some quick practical tips as I answer one of my student’s questions regarding this very issue!


“Hey Cole. I find it hard to write my lyrics with a pen and a paper but when I eventually do, my raps are way more advanced and my rhyming is extremely amazing. I write more songs with my phone’s notepad but then the lyrics are not so outstanding and it doesn’t have that extra spice to it. 

So what methods would you recommend me to use when writing my lyrics and what techniques can I use so I won’t hate writing lyrics down?”


You may be getting better results with pen and paper due to having a larger surface to write on, no time restraints due to not having a battery, and you may feel more connected since you’re physically writing and it may feel more real to you.

However you may be feeling resistance to begin writing using PAD AND PEN due to how technical you are, which is likely taking up more time to write which may make you feel overwhelmed before you begin writing.


Try to write some lyrics that aren’t as technical or just limit the amount of time you give yourself per writing session so that there’s a clear ending and you don’t feel so overwhelmed to spend 3-4 + hours to knock out all the writing in one session.


It sounds like you’re writing lyrics with your phone more often possibly because it’s more convenient, easier to edit text, and you’re likely spending less time due to battery limitations which is causing your lyrics to not be as complex.


It’s fun to switch up your creative workflow from time to time to keep things interesting.

Try to forget about writing altogether and record your bars as you come up with them in your favorite DAW. If you’re not sure what a DAW is how to use one for songwriting be sure to check out this video lesson I made which breaks all of that down.

Simply loop 4 bars of the section of the song you’re writing and either… 

First Scat and then fill in your scat with what you want to say


First Think of what you want to say and then build a cadence around it via scatting.

Once you finish a bar go ahead and record it and then start working on your next bar.

If you’re able to come up with multiple bars at once and then record them all at once as well!

Repeat this until your verse or hook is finished.

Don’t worry if your vocal recordings don’t sound perfect. You can always go back and re-record your “official vocals” later. Consider this songwriting by recording instead of writing.

And don’t forget to brainstorm + storyboard, before you start recording so your song has a clear direction. If you aren’t familiar with how to use these be sure to check out my article on how to use brainstorming and storyboards to write better songs faster!

How Do You Write?

How do you prefer to write your songs? Pad and pen? Phone? And have you ever struggled with this same issue as well? Let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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