The Importance Of Purpose

Before you embark on any journey it’s wise to know your purpose of going. I’ve learned over the years that the most critical part of constructing anything is laying a solid foundation to build upon. If your foundation is not solid the Importance_of_purposeslightest storm will cause your entire structure to collapse into ruble. The foundation I’m speaking of is what I like to refer to as “defining your why“.


The reason why most rappers fail at what they’re trying to accomplish isn’t due to a lack of discipline but rather a lack of vision. A vision is a vivid picture in your mind and soul of where you desire to be in the future. It’s that deep seeded conviction that you carry to not be average and the hopeful attitude of what could be. It’s your internal navigational system that’s governed by purpose which defines why you wish to do something.


Your mission is your plan and strategy to get from point A to point B. It requires preparation and research in order to HOW_CHESSstrategize your moves. Much like a chess player contemplating all possible scenarios before deciding how to play which piece next.


Discipline happens once your vision and mission have been established and you have committed. This allows you to have a clear reason why and how you wish to accomplish something. This is what fuels your discipline and give you the incentive to move forward with confidence knowing you will reap the fruits of your labor. Much like someone who is working out consistently. They envision themselves to be more healthy in the future so they work out regularly as their mission for achieving their vision.


So now let’s bring this back full circle. Ask yourself the following questions.

Why are you doing what you’re doing in your life?

Why do you want to write rap songs?

What ideas and messages are you wanting to convey through your music?

Take a moment and reflect on what your vision statement is. A vision statement is just 1-3 sentences that sum up where you wish to be in the future. For example my vision statement for Cole Mize Studios is “To be a world class resource for rappers to perfect their craft and grow their tribe”. Once you come up with your vision statement memorize it and keep it before you so it can serve as a reminder of what you’re setting out to do and most importantly why you are doing it in the first place.

How Did I Do?

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  • I enjoyed your articles this is DeMario from Memphis TN AKA rap artist Hell- a- fied. Thanks for the knowledge u r giving bro……

    • My pleasure DeMario! I’m glad you’re enjoying my content and it’s my pleasure to creating this content especially knowing that it’s helping others such as yourself! Much respect! 🙂 – Cole Mize

        • Honestly YouTube. It’s one of the most popular ways that people discover new music all around the world! And it’s the #2 search engine that’s owned by #1 Google which favors YouTube videos in search results. I hope this helps 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • I love this article. It reminds me of my life purpose, and why I’m I doing this, and where I’m I going. I love how you brought up in having a strong foundation. Something to focus on. Thanks for the inspiration, and for keeping on pushing us. North Pole Cole ?

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