Why I’ve Stopped Making Videos

What Happened?

Well it’s been 2 weeks since I have made a How To Rap video tutorial so I decided I would fill you guys in on what’s been going on.

These past two weeks have been crazy! I have been relentlessly trying to overcome one technical issue after another. In my efforts to bring you guys nothing but the best quality how to rap video tutorials I have decided to start recording screen captures withing my D.A.W’s in order to give you more of a visual of what i’m talking about.

The Culprit

The problem is that when I built my computer 2 years ago I did not have videos in mind. I just stumbled upon making videos in the past year. Long story short my video captures are lagging because my hard drive is to slow to capture all the frames in the video.

The Solution

So i’m in the process of getting a faster hard drive and a new graphics card. I also had to figure out how to record streaming audio while also playing audio within my D.A.W. This is typically not an issue for MAC users but for Windows users such as myself this can be kind of tricky. But I finally found the audio driver needed to accomplish this and I am now set on the audio side of the equation.

So don’t worry, I am not going ghost and jumping ship! It’s my heart to bring you all nothing but the highest quality video tutorials and my absence of videos in the past two weeks is due to me staying true to my mission statement.

Hang In There!

So please be patient during this time as I step my video game up to the next level. Thanks so much for all of your support! It’s because of you guys that this channel is as awesome as it is! I can’t wait to upload the next video! Until then ya’ll take care and stay awesome!

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