Juice WRLD Breakdown – All Girls Are The Same – Rhymes And Rap Flow Highlighted

You’re about to experience Juice WRLD’s music in a way you never have before. What you are looking at are called bar sheets. These bar sheets are a scientific breakdown of the musical structure of Juice WRLD’s Rap Flow and Rhyme Schemes. 

The colored blocks are the rhythmic music notes that makeup Juice WRLD’s rap flow such as quarter, 8th, and 16th notes. The Blue blocks are breaths/ pauses.

The colorfully highlighted lyrics display the multiple rhyme schemes Juice WRLD would be juggling at once.

The large numbers 1-4 are the beats of each bar which will light up

To the left of them is a bar counter which will keep count of the amount of bars in each section of the song.

Each section of the song will be displayed above the bar counter, and its corresponding color will be represented to the left of the bars that occupy these sections.

Juice WRLD was known for freestyling most of his songs, but you’re about to witness how masterful Juice WRLD was with structuring his cadence patterns and his rhyme schemes which is why his raps sounded so hypnotic.



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