Kaotica Eyeball Video Review – A Game Changer For Recording Vocals

Preconceived Misconceptions

What’s up good people? Here is my video review of the Kaotica Eyeball. Maybe you are like I was 4 months ago and have never heard of this gem. To be honest at first glance I didn’t see what the big deal was about a foam ball that your microphone sits in. Of course my opinion was merely a first impression about a product I was completely ignorant of. Perhaps I had negative preconceived ideas due to bad experiences with previous products that claim to achieve the same results as the Eyeball only to disappointingly fall short of my expectations.

Just In Time

When I was contacted by Kaotica to check out the Eyeball I had recently retired my Prime Acoustic Voxguard. I had noticed it was adding some mid-range mud to my vocals and I was spending a lot of counter productive time in the mix phase trying to correct it. My introduction to the Eyeball was timely and 4 months later of constantly using it I can say I am truly grateful for this product. It’s giving me bigger, natural, tamed vocal recordings and I love it! Now the majority of my time mixing is spent enhancing audio instead if playing doctor.

But Don’t Take My Word For It!

But just like the old school show us 80’s babies watched “Reading Rainbow”, don’t take my word for it. In this video I was joined by my good friend Marc Griffin to do a live A/B recording with and without the Kaotica Eyeball so you can clearly hear the huge difference this product makes! You will notice that when you are using the eyeball your recordings will be louder than without it. This is because the eyeball is allowing you to achieve focused, concentrated recordings by keeping your vocals inside the Eyeball while blocking out any residual room noise.

From Naysayer To Believer

The bottom line is the Eyeball turned a naysayer such as myself into a believer and I humbly stand corrected. In my opinion it’s a game changer and I now consider it as the secret weapon to recording vocals. Your recordings will benefit greatly from using it and I could not recommend it more highly! I hope you enjoy this video review. Please feel free to leave your thoughts, questions and feedback in the comments section below. you can purchase the Kaotica Eyeball at kaoticaeyeball.com Cheers to achieving professional recordings anywhere you are!


  • Hey! Thank you for the review. Just wondering, how different do you think it will be if I simply buy a thick block of foam and carved a similar shape from it, DIY style? Shouldn’t that achieve similar results?

    • Hey! Love your DIY spirit! I’m all about it! I wouldn’t say that you would get similar results as the eyeball as it is actually focusing your sound by completely isolating your microphone within the foam ball. However what you are talking about could definitely help isolate your mic room noise and early reflections. You won’t get a bigger focused sound like you do with the eyeball but you will get a more dead sound similar to what you would get from a recording booth which is good! You just have to be careful that the foam isn’t adding any color or mudd to your vocals. Just practice with the distance that the foam is from the mic.

      Also check out this link on making a DIY recording booth out of PVC pipe and heavy moving blankets.

      If you try building the booth from the above link along with the foam vocal guard/gobo that you was talking about try placing the microphone towards the outer edge of the DYI recording booth with it facing in towards the both. This will allow the DYI booth to block sound from behind and besides you and the foam piece you was talking about will be blocking the sound from behind the mic. Also play around with mic placement as the closer you are to the mic the more bass build up you will get. So try and stay about 4 -6 inches away from the mic.

      But just play around and experiment with what sounds best to you! 🙂 This is the fun part about doing DIY with home recording setups! I hope this didn’t confused you. Let me know if you have any questions and if this helped out. Thanks! Cheers to you as well!

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