Lecrae on Fallon – Anomaly or What?

Lecrae on tonight show with jimmy fallon

I don’t know if you have heard of the Hip Hop rapper and Grammy award winning artist Lecrae but chances are you are going to be hearing much more about him in the future. He recently announced on social media that the previously trending hashtag which his fans created “Lecrae on Fallon” is actually going to come to pass this Thursday, 9/18 on The Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon. Not only that but Lecrae has been killing it on interviews lately.  In the past week alone he has done interviews with Billboard.com, Good Day New York, and The Breakfast Club just to name a few. Unlike some artists his interviews are not repetitious and are filled with knowledge, hope and social awareness that provokes thought and self reflection.

anomalyLast week Lecrae released his 7th studio album entitled Anomaly and has been making a lot of noise! So much noise that the 15-song album already has shot to No. 1 on iTunes, Amazon and Nielsen Soundscan charts within only 1 week! That’s pretty incredible! What’s even more impressive is Lecrae’s content in his music. When you think of mainstream Hip Hop music it’s pretty much assumed that the lyrical content will primary consist of violence, sex, drugs & boasting. One thing that truly makes Lecrae an anomaly is that he is a Christian. When I say christian I don’t mean that he just gives God a shot out after getting an award or treats God like a genie in a bottle in hopes of getting his wishes granted. But he is someone who is unashamed about his love for Jesus and lives a lifestyle which reflects it.

I have seen many interviews of Lecrae over the years but I must say I have never seen him on a platform such as the tonight show. I think Jimmy Fallon does a great job hosting the show and Ilecrae enjoy his comedy quite a bit. He is lighthearted and always is respectful to his guests. I think Lecrae will fit in perfectly on the show and I wouldn’t be surprised if he incorporated The Roots into his live performance. But what else can we expect? What songs do you think he will perform? Do you think Andy Mineo is going to be there crowd surfing along side Canon hitting back flips off the stage? One thing Lecrae is known for is awesome performances! But what should we expect this Thursday and what would you like to see? Please share your comments below as we anticipate another great appearance by Lecrae. You can get his new album Anomaly here.

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