Logic Is A Breath of Fresh Air For Hip Hop

The ongoing discussion among radio personalities and hip hop fans alike seems to be centered around the concerns of the current state of hip hop. Regardless if you know him or not recently emerged emcee, Logic is a breath of fresh air to the game. This 24 year old  bi-raciallogic Gaithersburg Maryland native is bringing something valuable to the game.

Overcoming Obstacles

Tho he grew up on section 8 housing and on the rare occasions that he did see his father he witnessed him buying crack from his own brother. Both of his sisters were also rapped and his mother was in and out physically abusive relationships. You would think being around so much negativity would cultivate a young man such as Logic into a bitter self destructive human being. But he is all smiles and is all about love, peace and encouraging others to make something positive of there lives.

Transferring Negatives Into Positives

When asked why he didn’t follow down the same dark path his older brothers and parents were on he says that he has to give credit to God for allowing him to have the insight at such an early age to use all the negativity around him as an example of what not do. Giving him the power to transfer negatives into positives. Instead of using his dark and impoverished upbringing as an excuse to be young wild and reckless he postures himself in a warm and gracious manner.

The Importance Of Love & Respect

in 2013 Logic signed a record deal with Def Jam & visionary music group and just released is debut album on Oct 21st entitled “Under Pressure”. His album was produced by No ID, Hit-Boy, 6ix, and logic_hip_hopC-Sick. Logic also produced a few of his records himself. He sold 71,511 copies his first week allowing him to reach #1 on i Tunes. Logic accredits his success to making great music and treating everyone with love and respect.

I haven’t even touched on how dope Logic is lyrically and stylistically because if you listen to him that will be self evident. What I am far more impressed with than his lyrical prowess is his upstanding character as a human being. I like many others are just now getting the opportunity to be introduced to Logic through interviews that he has done in the past few weeks on The Breakfast Club and Sway In The Morning. And I must say that I have been very much impressed with all that I have seen thus far. Logic is a breath of fresh air for hip hop and he is evidence that conscience music still has a much needed and well received platform in the game.

Is this your first time hearing about Logic? Are you already a fan of his? What’s your favorite song? Please drop your 2 cents in the comments section below.

    • Hey Jackie, thanks so much for reading this article and commenting 🙂 Logic is very talented and I have been impressed with him not only as an artist but as a human being. It’s refreshing to see young men such as himself to have a good head on his shoulders. How did you first hear about Logic?

  • Yeah, he blows with multi types of flows, and he brings the lyrical intelligence throughout the mixtapes and albums. He’s a story telling, mind selling artist in my mind, definitely separated from some “rappers” nowadays. I am a really big fan of him, I am always using his flow to freestyle in my life.

    • Hey Thomas, I’m glad to hear that you are a Logic fan as well! He really is a breath of fresh air to the game and he deserves every bit of respect that comes his way. Wishing you the best with your freestyling and rapping! 🙂

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