low 2 cold interview

Augusta GA Rapper Low 2 Cold Interview

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and chopping it up with up and coming Augusta Georgia rapper Low 2 Cold. We discussed what he’s been up to musically, his biggest struggle as a rapper and what really rubs him the wrong way plus much more! Low 2 Cold embodies what it means to Be A Better Rapper Now as he’s only been rapping for about 7 months and has already released his first project called Age Of The Golden as well been featured on several Hip Hop publication websites.

This Queens New York native brings a breath of fresh air with his positive vibes coupled with conscience lyrics and well thought out punchlines and metaphors. Sleep on him if you want but this young mans determination and hunger will inevitably awaken naysayers in due time. So regardless if you’re a day late and a dollar short or johnny on the spot you heard it here first that Low 2 Cold is someone you should seriously be keeping your eyes on. Check out all things Low 2 Cold at Low2Cold.com

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