Marketing And Promotion For Rappers

Demystifying Marketing And Promotion For Rappers – Part 3


Another great promotional strategy is called “S.E.O” which stands for “Seach Engine Optimization”.

You actually participate in SEO all of the time. For example, if you heard about a new video game that’s coming out, and you go to google or Youtube and search for the name of that game then you will see content related to that game.

So when someone creates content about something that other people are searching for then they are likely going to get free traffic from it.

Marketing And Promotion For Rappers

But remember to also ask yourself “what’s in it for them?“. Don’t create content with a misleading title just to get views and clicks. Make sure your content is providing some type of value to the viewer.

If you want your content to reach high in the search engines it needs to deliver some type of value. Meaning it needs to be either highly entertaining, inspirational, informative or controversial.


Content isn’t ranked off views alone anymore. It’s all about “Audience Retention”, which means how long people are actually spending on your content. The longer you can keep their attention the higher your content will perform which will result in higher search engine rankings and more viewers.

But remember, effective promotion is all about effective marketing which is targeting a specific group of people. So when you’re using this SEO technique make sure it’s aimed at your target audience.

Practical Uses Of SEO

Let’s look at a few ways you could do this while targeting the audience of an artist that is similar to you.

  • You could create reaction or review videos of their new music.
  • You could do cover songs, parodies, or remixes to new songs of theirs.
  • You could make funny videos about the artist in general. For example, if you are similar to DMX you could create scenario themed videos like “DMX Visits San Fransico library”, or if you’re similar to “Logic”, your scenario could be “Logic Is Being Stalked By Marilyn Manson” Both of these scenarios put each artist in situations that are the opposite of what they are about which makes it very interesting and entertaining! You could even hire someone to create cartoon animations to sync with your audio from places like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork.
  • You could talk about news, drama, and rumors related to them.
  • If you’re also a producer you could create reproductions of instrumentals to their most popular songs.
  • If you’re skilled at video editing you could create your own music videos for their songs.
  • You could create lyric videos to their songs which are quite popular as well.

Not only is this adding lots of value to that artist’s fanbase, but it’s also adding value to that artist as well. You never know, the artist whos fanbase you’re targeting may see all the good work you’re putting in and they may collab with or show their support for you in some way.

Are you planning on using SEO in your marketing and promotion strategy? How so? Let me know in the comments section below.

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