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Most mixing engineers are going to simply take what you give them and hopefully make it sound great. The problem is, most up and coming rappers need more than that because they're usually working by themselves, so there's usually things missing that need to be added to make the song better that they're unaware of.

Because of this Cole approaches his mixes a bit differently than most.

When Cole takes on a mix he treats it as if it were his own song he's producing. He's not afraid to put in the extra work and go above and beyond to ensure the song comes out as awesome as possible. Cole's known for adding sound fx to make a song more cinematic and he's not afraid to put in over time creating custom effects like dj scratches and stutters to give the song more "ear candy". Cole has the unique ability to hear what a song is missing and knows exactly what needs to be done to fix it.

Cole Mize

You're In Good Hands

Cole Mize has over 20 years of experience mixing music. He also has over 27 years of experience rapping and has dedicated the last 10 years of his life teaching people how to rap via his YouTube channel which has made him one of the leading experts in his field.


Listen To Some Of Cole's Recent Mixes

Right Now - Kooks

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Red Raindrops - Kooks

Banger - Kooks

Dang Baby - MC Rhino

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Checkout what our clients have to say

My songs are seriously flat without your mix man, this project is 50/50 you and me. I was not expecting my voice to sound that good. I was wondering how you were going to fill the dead space of these songs in an original way.

So many of my songs had dead space on the hooks cuz I didn't know how to fill it in and you did it on each one in a unique and interesting way. Man the way you manage to throw so much detail in there but make it all sound coherent and musical is beyond me. you're seriously a genius with this sh*t!

- Kooks

Duuuuuuuude! We just listened in my Uber and the driver was banging his head!

Thank you! I love the mix!

Seriously Cole. I have not been doing this a long time and you make me sound like a pro. The beats are bumpin' and the vocals are clear. Everything is in perfect balance. And the ear candy is always sooo good. You really know how to bring out the vibe and humor I’m going for. Thank you!

- MC Rhino

Cole is my primary outsourced mixer since I find it difficult to come up with as many unique ideas as he does because I'm too attached to my music to see past some of my less inventive tendencies.

He exceeded my expectations on every one of my tracks and brought a new perspective with his extraordinary inventiveness. Every sound effect provides the song with a different dimension and enhances its personality! You don't need to search any further for immaculate mixing because he is an experienced pro! Easily among the greatest in his field.

- Rich Vysion

mixing rate


  • Unlimited Stems
  • Vocal Tuning/Timing Correction
  • Sound fx, Custom Creative fx (ear candy)
  • 3 Revisions
  • Instrumental, Acapella, Show Mix
  • Mastering