music promotion 101

Music Promotion 101 – A Quick Guide To Increasing Sales

So you’ve been in the studio cranking out some awesome recordings and you finally have your finished product in hand. You are overflowing with excitement and geeked up off optimism when suddenly you have this very sobering thought, how does music promotion work?

This whole time all you have been thinking about is creating awesome sounding tracks. You’ve invested hard earned money into your projects production, studio time, mixing & mastering fees and album artwork and now you are wanting to see a return on your investment. Ok ok… calm down, sit back & take some notes as I give you a quick guide on music promotion while also increasing your profits. I will try and make this as “fluff” free as possible and pack it full of helpful information.


music promotion 101

Music Promotion 101

Online Real Estate

The first thing that you need when it comes to music promotion is a website. If you have one already you still need to listen to this bit. The value of real estate property is determined by LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. The reason a building in the heart of the city (commercial) cost so much more than one that is in the country (residential) is because the city is packed full of traffic and where ever there is a How to sell your musiclot of people in one place there is money being exchanged. Your website is your online real estate but you need to be driving lots of traffic there in order to be reaping the benefits of owning property on the internet.

I highly recommend you check out  Wealthy Affiliate. They are a great source for learning ethical online marketing. It’s free to sign up and you will have instant access to their free course on how to get started making money online. I don’t recommend getting your website through them because last time I checked their servers were pretty slow and your website building templates are limited. Check out SquareSpace and WixMusic which provide easy website builders to quickly create professional websites for artists. The biggest advantage of having your own website is there is no competition for your sales or music it’s all yours because you own it!


Be Easily Discovered

Music promotion is all about being easy to find. Make sure that you are putting up your music every where that you can possibly imagine. This will make it easier for you to get discovered and grow your fan base. Make sure that your profiles across all of these sites are consistent with your brand. There are loads of places that you can upload your music for free such as facebook, youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, how to sell my musicpandora, last fm, thesixtyone, I would expound on each one of these but for the sake of keeping this article short I shall digress.

You also should get digital online distribution through a company such as Tunecore, CD Baby or WixMusic. This will expand your reach even further because these companies are a one stop shop so to speak. They can get your music put on all the major music stores like itunes, amazon music, google music, spotify etc.. and whatever sales that you make will all come through one account so you don’t have to loose any hair trying to keep up with all of your music stores with individual accounts.


List Building

Mailing List

Music promotion isn’t only about gaining new fans but also staying connecting with the ones you already have. In order for you to sell more of your music you need to increase your engagement with your fan base. The most powerful way to do this is to build a mailing list. Did you know that about 60% percent of people on the how to sell my musicinternet are browsing on a mobile device? When they get an e-mail their phone makes a notification noise and they check it. This is powerful!

Only about 10 percent of your friends on facebook see your post, as soon as you make a tweet it begins moving quickly down the feed. On social media you simply don’t get the reach that you do with e-mail. It is a direct way to communicate and build a strong relationship with your fanbase which leads to more sales.

People are always asking “what’s in it for me” so make sure you give them a good incentive to sign up. Such as a free download, exclusive content & special discounts that only is available to how to sell my musicthem. In order to create a mailing list you need a third party program to do it. You can’t just send out thousands of e-mails from your yahoo or g-mail because there is a cap limit. My favorite mailing list tool is called A Weber and they allow you to sign up for a free trial.

My favorite thing about them is their auto-responder.  Basically it allows you to program your AWeber to automatically send people an e-mail after they have confirmed their subscription with your free download or whatever you decided to give them for signing up. This tool is so powerful and I could write posts for days on everything that you can do with it. Just check them out and see for yourself and make sure to thank me later.

Music promotion is about not missing out on opportunities. When you are doing live events make sure that you are letting people know that you will hook themhow to sell my music up if they sign up to your mailing list. Take a clipboard and pen or tablet to write down their name and e-mail address and transfer them to your mailing list provider as soon as you can. If you aren’t doing this you should slap yourself in the face! Not like a worldstarhiphop slap just a gentle brush across the cheeks will suffice.

Distribution List

When it comes to music promotion not only do you need a mailing list for your fans but you also need a distribution list for “influencers”. Basically a distribution list is an archive of e-mail addresses of dj’s, radio stations, music review sites, music bloggers & podcasters.

I don’t recommend sending mass e-mails out to your distribution list because each contact has their own preferred way of receiving your music. Plus you want to make these e-mails personal so they know you’re speaking directly to them and aren’t just another one of the 1,000’s of people spamming them! This will increase the likelihood of your music being shared on their platform.

how to sell my musicInfluential people with followings can get you much more exposure! Once an influencer shares your music with their audience you will have more people finding you on the net and then you simply get them to sign up to your mailing list. Are you seeing how huge this is for music promotion!

If you are wanting to find more radio stations to potentially play your music use Radio Locator  to search for your genre appropriate stations and it will give you links to their websites which will have all their information on them. I recommend that you contact them first before adding them to your distribution list unless they say they’re openly accepting music submissions.


Diversify Your Offerings

Music promotion isn’t only about selling your music. What else do people want to buy from you? T-shirts, hat’s, wristbands, posters etc..  the possibilities are endless on what you how to sell my musiccan sell to your fans. In order to have your online store I recommend you using something like Shopify. Shopify has a very robust store with incredible functionality, solid hosting and several packages to choose from. Their store is hassle free and easy to manage. If you are looking for a free e-commerce store that you can integrate into your own website I recommend you checking out Woocommerce. In my personal opinion It can be kind of tricky to setup at first but once you get the hang of it you shouldn’t have any problems.

But I know what your saying, “man i’m broke as fat girls chairs and my budget is tighter than spandex, I don’t have any money to make bulk orders on merch to sale.” I completely understand andhow to sell my music I don’t recommend any artists to go out spending thousands of dollars on merch if they don’t have the fans good and ready to buy them. That’s just not smart business and you need to keep your overhead low-key like midget locksmiths.

In that case I recommend you going the POD (Print On Demand) route. This allows you to have your own store, create your own designs and once a customer buys your merch the POD company makes the product, ships it to your customer directly and gives you your profit off the sale. One of the biggest companies that offer this service is called CafePress. There are no monthly fees and they only take a percentage of your sales.


Be A Social Butterfly

The most common mistake I see artists make is that they treat social media like it’s their 24/7 album release party or something. It’s called social media for a reason…to be social. Don’t abuse social media platforms by spamming and shoving your music down peoples throats. I how to sell my musicbet you don’t like it when people do that to you and I assure you that they don’t either.

Think of social media like your walking into a social gathering with a bunch of people you don’t know. Everyone is not going to just tackle you at the door and ask you to be their friend. But if you take the initiative to introduce yourself and have meaningful conversations that don’t totally revolve around you I guarantee that you will leave with more friends than you came. The next time you go to that same social gathering you will notice people you previously meet are glad to see you and are anticipating talking with you.

Apply this concept to social media and you will see a big difference in your social presence. People don’t really care what you have going on until they see that you care about them. And what better way to show them that you care than to engage with them. This means responding back to their messages, comments and also taking a moment to chime in on their posts as well. A little bit goes a long way.


Just Scratching The Surface

Ok to be totally transparent I didn’t mean to make this article as long as it is. But sometimes you don’t realize how much you have to say until you start speaking. Therehow to sell my music is so much more that I wanted to touch on about music promotion but wasn’t able to. Let’s make a deal. I want you to leave me a comment below and let me know if this article was helpful to you and if you would like me to continue writing articles related to this topic and I pinky promise that I will do it. It is my passion to help others as I am only the product of others who have helped me. Let me know if you have any questions and I will respond back to you promptly. Thanks so much for reading and I am wishing you the best in all of your endeavors. Cheers! – Cole Mize

  • Hey Cole, you wouldn’t have guess, but I am actually looking for some sites for my cousin to start her music career. Those links that you provided are EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

    • Hey Cathy, what a coincidence lol. I’m glad that I was able to provide you with some helpful information that will greatly benefit your cousin. Wishing the two of you nothing but the best! You rock!

  • Touching base cole, basically in this day and age, it’s those who are fast to realize how powerful they are in creating and controlling their own content that really matters.
    I’m learning round the clock on how to rap and song write and produce my own music so that I can evolve my production skills.
    It’s going to get there 🙂 Thanks for the great article!

    • Hey Mr. Vermon,

      I couldn’t agree more bro! The only force that’s able to keep us from reaching our goals is ourselves. The will of a man is extremely powerful. Like they say when there is a will there’s a way and if there isn’t a way well… then will makes a way 🙂 As creatives we have the power to create many different things! products and solutions that benefit others, finances to support our families, create job opportunities to support others and their families and the list goes on for days!

      Let me shut up before I end up writing a whole new bog post in the comments section! lol Thanks for reading and commenting bro and I’m very happy to hear that you’re working so hard on your craft on your end! Wishing you the best and I’m always here to help any way that I can! LET’S GET IT!!! 🙂

  • Thank you very much! Amazing post, very interesting! What we’ve found out recently is that real profit starts with your own .com and/or app. Since there’s so much of those on the market for the moment it definitely shouldn’t be just artists/label’s .com/app – it should be diverse and offer something useful for variety of people/organizations – information, tools etc while being exclusive and giving something what other don’t. Just as spamming social networks, mailing lists shouldn’t not abuse people. While being an exclusive way to let pip know about your .com/.app (which is being used as a “pool” to accumulate all the resources/products/audiences) e-mailing has it’s weak sides (just as .com/.app) – it’s not “integrated”, so in case if people aren’t looking for your product/service already, that won’t be too useful to – e-mail them. Yet “integrated” way, when you offer your own things “By The Way” while helping others with what they need also has it’s limitations. So obviously there should be a balance between.
    When just about a year ago we’ve realized how much people in this world actually want to produce their own content, become so called “musicians”, artists etc we immediately found out that percentage of those who really will do that isn’t higher then in past days. In other words, it’s easier these days to promote yourself, so more people want to do this. Yet huge part of them are only interested in it as an “easy” way. This motivations only lasts until they realize how much they have to do for that. So let’s say this – “those who truly enjoying the process will end up with some results”. It’s like in the music itself – if you truly enjoying playing for the hours, while nobody is paying you, eventually there will be some people who want to pay you for that. While if someone only wants others to pay him while not truly having fun playing, there will be no people who’ll buy it 🙂 You dig what we’re saying?
    Anyways man, nice post, thanx for sharing, specially links. Let’s talk! If you are here, we’ll be happy to share our experience, what we’ve done, what we’ve found out and what we’d advice to those who only started to think about representing themselves on the market.

    • My pleasure P.B. I’m glad that you enjoyed my article concerning this topic! I couldn’t agree with you more! When it comes down to it, what really separates most successful artists from those that aren’t is just good ole fashion hard work along with a constant hunger to educate themselves and learn not only their craft but also the business side of things. To be successful independently you must play several roles apart from just being an artist. But yes feel free to share anything you’ve learned as I would enjoy checking it out and I’m sure it would be helpful information for others to take into consideration as well. Thanks for reading and commenting and I’m wishing you and your team the best! 🙂

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