What You Need To Setup Your Home Studio

When you’re first getting started writing, recording, and producing music, knowing exactly what you need can be a bit of a mystery. If you’re just a beginner, and you’ll only be recording vocals, you can likely get away with away with a USB microphone recording setup.

However, if you want to record multiple instruments at once, start to mix your own music, or produce resource-intensive songs (like when you use multiple plugins or virtual instruments), you’ll likely need a more elaborate setup. With that said, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the multitude of options out there for your home studio.

The infographic below, by Infamous Musician, will show you exactly what you need to get going and build a legit home recording studio. The graphic covers the type of computer you’ll need, the right audio interface for your particular needs (whether you’re a solo musician, vocalist, drummer, mixing engineer, etc.), the types of microphones you need for each instrument, accessories, cables, acoustic treatment, and more.

The infographic is broken down into 11 essentials that you’ll find in almost all home studios and you’ll likely want to add to yours. Since many of you may just be starting out (and therefore have a low budget) the graphics list a bunch of affordable options like the Behringer UMC404HD audio interface at only $100 and the Rode NT1A at $230 which is a great condenser microphone for recording vocals.

So without any further delay, check it out for yourself:

  • Hi Cole, really nice article, as always! I have a question, for the audio interface, do I need it if I’m using a USB Blue Yeti?

  • Hey cole mize, This whole website is put together really well. Just wondering do you ever review peoples music and give feed back?

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