Turn Your Phone Into A Recording Studio With Spire Studio From iZotope

Currently, we’re beginning the 5th month of 2020 and the whole world has completely changed! 

We started this year off thinking WW3 was about to happen. Shortly after we tragically lost the legendary Kobe Bryant and now we’re all isolated in our homes like schoolchildren; anxiously awaiting to be released for recess to expend our pent up energy and socialize with our esteemed besties.

While it’s important that we isolate it’s also imperative that we not work on our music in complete isolation from others. That’s a sure-fire way to lose inspiration as well as perspective which can hinder your growth as a rapper.

Simply put, we need each other in order to create and grow in a healthy and sustainable way, especially during these times!

And as rapper one awesome tool that can help you achieve this is an app called Spire Studio by iZotope.

If you’re unfamiliar with who iZotope is… their kind of a big deal! They’re a very popular software development company that makes plugins that have been used to produce, mix and master many of your favorite records!

Basically, the way Spire Studio works is it’s a very basic, and intuitive DAW that you can use to write and record your songs all from simply using your smartphone or tablet!


Here are some of its key features.

Easy of importing a beat, layering tracks – From the home screen hit import a beat, then Spire auto imports and arms the next track to start recording and layering.

Visual mixing – This feature in the app allows you to build your soundscape with your finger – drag track icons up or down to adjust volume and left or right to pan. The Wide/Narrow feature here uses Ozone Imaging tech.

Cloud sharing – Share via link by swiping left on a project in the home screen or tapping “Spire Project” in the share screen – the link lets anyone download mixdowns, individual tracks to bring into a DAW, and open in Spire to collab.

Unfortunately, the app only works standalone with Apple smartphones and tablets.

If you’re Android user like myself then you will need to purchase the Spire Studio audio interface in order for it to work with your smartphone or tablet.

The audio interface allows you to record professional vocals and instruments wirelessly to your mobile device and it also unlocks some really cool features within the app.

You can also use the audio interface with Apple mobile devices as well.


Here are some of the key features that the Spire audio interface will unlock within the app.

Soundcheck w/ instrument ID – In seconds, Soundcheck will ID your instrument or voice, shape your tone based on what it hears, then set your levels. This one uses tech from Neutron.

Enhance – Boosts loudness and improves clarity with mastering tech from Ozone and Dynamic EQ tech from Neutron. This is hardware specific as well.

Hardware exclusive creative effects – Monster Heat and Encore are our newest effects, they’re actually designed with rappers in mind. These do require the hardware for both Android and iOS.

Onboard studio mic – Omnidirectional condenser mic built-in.

Dual combo input jacks and phantom power – Plug in your own mics or instruments, +48v phantom power so you can use your favorite studio condenser mic if you’d like. 

4+ hour rechargeable battery life – No need to keep Spire plugged into the wall, go anywhere in your home or wherever inspiration strikes to lay down your vocals


In summary, i’ve spent several weeks with the Spire Studio and I must say, I had an absolute blast with it!

I’m so happy to see a reputable company such as iZotope putting their focus on creating tools that help rappers and musicians not only get their ideas down but also share them with others.

Another thing that’s important to me is support. Within the few weeks that I spent with the Spire, iZotope added an awesome feature that allows you to make notes or write your lyrics directly in the app! I love this feature!

The awesome team at iZotope is constantly working on making Spire even more amazing and they also have great customer support which makes me even more confident in recommending it to others.


  • All iPhone and Tablet users.
  • Android users who wish to bypass the need for a computer to work on songs and achieve professional vocal recordings.
  • Audiophiles who wish to work on songs on the go without having to compromise the quality of their vocal recordings

If your an Apple user or someone who doesn’t have a computer that’s looking for a way to easily work on songs on the go then the Spire Studio might be the perfect solution for you!

If you have any questions about the Spire check out their FAQ page which I think you will find very helpful and sound off in the comments section below and let me know your thoughts on the Spire Studio!

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