Picking A Good Rap Name


When you’re setting your sites on becoming an established rap artist it’s important that you pick a good rap name. But what is a good rap name and how can you come up with one? All of that will be explained in this article so without further ado LET’S GET IT!!

What Is It?

It’s important to understand what a rap name actually is in legal terms. For example, McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald is actually intellectual property meaning you can’t legally use that name to make money without first getting permission or you could be sued for infringement.

This same concept applies to rappers. A rapper’s name is actually intellectual property which falls under the legal term Service Trademark or service mark. Meaning when you are rapping on stage you are actually performing a service and your rap name represents you which is the brand name of that service. Therefore no one can legally use your rap name to make money without your permission if you have trademarked it.


So the first step to picking a good rap name is making sure you’re not picking a name that’s already used. This ensures you’re not putting a lot of hard work and money into building awareness around your brand only to find out you are infringing on someone else’s name and they end up suing you.

For example 2007 Soulja Boy “tell em” was sued for infringement by Souljah Boy from Moe Thugs who has been affiliated with Bone Thugs N Harmony since the ’90s. In 2012 the World Star Hip Hop YouTube sensation Krispykrispykreme2012 Kreme was making a lot of waves with his southern comical rap videos. Once he became famous he was contacted by the popular donut chain Krispy Kreme and was told he has to quit using their name or they would sue him. The Hip Hop legend Eminem chose the spelling of his name to avoid lawsuits from the candy company Mars who makes M&Ms.


So when deciding upon a rap name it’s important to do your research first. See if the rap name you’re considering has an available domain name for example “www.yourrapname.com”. Also, check to see if there is a twitter profile already using that name. Do this with Facebook and YouTube as well along with doing Google searches for the use of the name.


Your rap name should be something that you identify with. It should represent you as an artist and be easy for others to remember. You can also come up with AKA’s. For example, Eminem is just the initials to his real name Marshall Mathers which he also uses along with Slim Shady.


Break out the dictionary and search for words that describe what you’re about. You may possibly blend words together dictionary_pageto create a new one or use slang words. Also, consider using your real name or a part of your real name if you feel it’s unique enough. Look through other rap names to draw inspiration from and don’t rush it. Ask friends to give you their opinion once you come up with a few names you like but ultimately it’s up to you to pick which one you feel fits you best.


Once you settle on a rap name make sure you build awareness around it. Mention your name in songs, collaborate with other artists, get your music reviewed on websites, set up all of your social media accounts using it, go ahead and get your domain name even if you’re not ready to build the website yet. Keep any flyers or promotional materials that have your rap name on it as it can help you in the event of someone else trying to use your name. Also, look into getting your Service Trademark. If you are not in the United States you will need to look into the procedure for obtaining one in your location.


Also, look into getting a logo made for your rap name. This reinforces your brand by giving people a visual to identify eminem_logoyou by. Keep it simple while remaining unique and put it on everything! T-Shirts, album covers, all of your social media accounts, print up stickers, and give them away at your shows. If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to picking a good rap name, building awareness around it, and all while staying out of court!

How Did I Do?

Did you find this article helpful? Have a question or a comment? I would love to hear from you so make sure you drop your 2 cents below.

    • Hey Mike I like that name. Maybe consider spelling it different like Didactik or Dydactik not 100% necessary just something to consider. I don’t know if I would recommend Dide as an A.K.A depends on how you pronounce it since Puff Daddy uses Diddy, maybe uses Dack or Dak or Professor Dak lol I don’t know just a few suggestions. Hope this helps 🙂

  • My name is Rob and I Rap
    My rap name is ROB RAPS as in
    Rhyming Over Beats
    Rob Always Punishes Syllables

    So in closing its who I am (real name) what i do (soundcloud coming soon) and a dope acronym that includes my name and what I do.

    Anyone else dizzy from reading this?

  • I’ve been tryna search for a name that fits me like a suit yuh know rite now people call me t.h.c- the humble child but I want something more southern
    Comfort Sounding

  • Wassup Cole,

    What you think of Kamikaze. I chose this name due to the fact that when I rap with my friends and family I go crazy and diss everything and everybody. They said it’s like no one is safe when I get the mic.

    • I don’t know if I would use Kamikaze with it being a common name. Go through the steps and see if there are other artists already using that name. I know Twista has used it quite a bit as a name for his style.

    • Hey Donovan,

      Seeing as kamikaze refers to suicidal attacks, it would actually make more sense as a name if you were dissing yourself in the process of attacking everyone else. Also, I don’t think you want a name that is now associated with the Muslim Kamikaze Riders.

    • Hey Jesse, ICEE is “cool” lol just double check and make sure no one else is already using it because it likely has since it’s such a common word spelled slightly different. 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • Yo bro, I’ve been thinking of lots of names. They used to call me “YoungBlood” back where I’m from but I didn’t want to be too ghetto any more so I started trying to look for other names. I tried “LCapone” but idk how I like it. I’ve also thought about PGK which is the name of my old click but instead the K would stand for “King” and not “Killaz”. I was recently thinking of “L-Boss” but idk how that sounds either. I’ve also thought about “Dibu” which my family used to call me when I was a kid. And I’ve also thought of the name “Lo-G”. I’ve thought about all these, in my opinion, good names but I can’t decide because I’m my head I keep thinking they don’t represent all I stand for so idk. I feel like I need to dig deeper but idk go much more deeper or if I’m digging in to deep. Should I just go for one of these or keep thinking of more? I am currently still thinking but let me know what you think bro. That would be greatly appreciated.

    • If I may comment, I prefer Dibu because it has the most meaning. I’m just unsure how you would pronounce it, so maybe you could play with it. Otherwise, there may be a better name for you still to be discovered.

  • And what I mean by what I stand for and stuff is like I’ve been thru a lot and I’ve had to do what I’ve had to do but in the inside I’m still a good person. I’m smart and very humble and think of others before I think of me but at the same time I do what I have to do when it has to be done or when I have to do it. Idk what do you think bro?

    • Hey Edwin, I agree with Mike, Dibu was the one that stood out to me as being the most unique. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone else called that but you will need to double check online and make sure before committing to any name. It will be tough to pick one name that will define who you are entirely but a name like Dibu sounds more like a real name and then people will need to listen to you to learn more about who “Dibu” his and what he’s all about. I hope this helps and sorry for the late replay! 🙂 – Cole Mize

  • Another wonderful article! It makes me so happy to know that as I read through these that I am already on the right track! I recently Purchased the domain https://www.jayskinny.com as well as created all my social media accounts in preparation for my first single! I am learning and reinforcing what I already know thank to your plethora of knowledge! Thanks a billion Cole!!

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