Rap Coach Cole Mize Hangs Out With Students

Last week I was scheduled to do an interview on Blab with Oz from Excel TV. I got the the word out to all my students and invited them to join me and participate in the interview. However I ran into some technical difficulties when sending them the follow up e-mail which included the link to join the interview 🙁 So in order to make it up to them I decided to host my very own Blab last Sunday just for them. I wanted to share the stage with them and allow every one an opportunity to come on and share who they are, where they’re from, what they’re working on and even spit some rhymes if they’d like.


With this being my first time hosting my own broadcast I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of the turnout or the length that it should be. As soon as the broadcast went live at 8pm EST people started immediately flooding in!

A Message To The Rappers

I took the floor for the first hour to speak about something that had been on my heart recently. The first thing I wanted to point out was how special this broadcast was. Very rarely do you see a bunch or rappers coming together to hangout with one another simply because there isn’t much of a platform for that to happen. Building a positive community for rappers has been a goal of mine since I first start teaching people how to rap and this broadcast finally is what brought everyone together. It was truly something special!

I also wanted to encourage my fellow rap students to not get frustrated about where they are currently at by reminding them that it’s not about where you are it’s about where you’re going.

To drive this point across even further I decided to share one of the first recordings of Eminem and Jay Z when they were still teenagers so everyone could see how much they have improved and evolved over the years. And I even decided to share my own evolution with everyone by playing a song off my first demo I recorded while I was in high school around 2002-2003. I then played a track I recorded with the rap group I was in from 2004. And then fast forwarded 9 years to a verse I recorded that won me 1st place in a rap competition.

Everyone seemed to be really encouraged by me sharing this perspective that some may not take into consideration. When we see an artist break into the limelight sometimes we forget how much work it took for them to get there which can lead to us beating ourselves because we’re not as far along as we would like to be.

Open lines

Immediately after this I began taking calls from students and viewers from around the world! These warm and positive conversations filled up the whole night and there was so much talent that was displayed! I was truly humbled to be in the company of so many talented and humble people. There was such a broad spectrum of topics that was discussed from how to promote yourself as an artist and recording contracts to ways technology is changing the way we interact with each other.

Before I knew it nearly 5 hours had past by and we had nearly 900 total viewers! Our broadcast was featured at the top of Blab’s websites while we we’re live streaming due to the outstanding turnout. Even towards the end of the broadcast there was still around 80 people watching live! It was incredible! I just had to decide to shut it down because the momentum wasn’t seeming to die and I needed some rest! lol

If I could sum up my first broadcast in one word I would say it was simply magical. There was so many skilled artists stopping by with such positive vibes. Lot’s of great thought provoking conversations were sparked and many laughs were exchanged.  I couldn’t have been more happier with my first broadcast and I will most certainly be doing more in the future. A special thanks for everyone who stopped by to either hangout in the background or who participated by sharing the stage with me! Thank You! Each and every single one of you rock!

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