This Contest/Giveaway has concluded. Thank you for your interest!

Check out the video below to hear the winning picks! 

DOJO Rap Contest Details

3 Rappers will win the Unlimited Lease agreement for Cole Mize Studios' DOJO Beat at a $50.00 value per winner.
Unlimited Lease For The DOJO Beat Includes:

  • Untagged WAV and MP3 
  • Trackouts (Separated Instruments) for Top Quality Mixing Capabilities
  • Sell an UNLIMITED Number of Copies of Your Song
  • Royalty-Free Music Sales (Keep 100% of Your Music Sales) 
  • Synchronization Rights for For Tv/Film
  • PDF Contract
  • Non-Exclusive Rights

Winners will also receive the 'Lyrically Dope' T-shirt from Cole Mize Studios Merch $35.00 Value per winner.
Submit your entry by October 28th. Winners will be announced Nov 4th 2022.


Listen To The DOJO Beat

How To Enter & Win?


  1. Contest participants will use the form below to enter the DOJO Giveaway. 
  2. Once you enter you'll receive the DOJO Beat (that includes CMS tags) via email. You'll also receive another link to submit your entry once you've recorded your 12 bars. 
  3. Participants must submit a Verse (12) bars to the DOJO Beat in MP3 or Wav format.
  4. You must submit your verse by October 28th. Late entries will not be considered. 


We're strongly considering entries that meet the following: 

  • Theme focused verses will definitely rise to the top. This means pick a topic and focus on the topic throughout your verse. 
  • Don't be overly explicit. If your verse is too explicit you run the risk of Cole Mize Studios not being able to share your verse on certain Social Platforms including YouTube due to censorship rules and policies.  
  • Before submitting your MP3 or Wav file be sure to check your mix, ensuring your verse and beat are balanced for the listener. 

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