Rap Flow Practice Drills For Trap Beats – 4 Bars Double Time

If you’re trying to improve your rap skills, one of the most important things you should be focusing on is your scatting.

Scatting is a multi-tool us rappers use to not only come up with dope rap flows and catchy melodies but we also use it as a way to make our lyrics fit instrumentals perfectly.

Speaking of instrumentals, the beat I’m using in this tutorial is called Bounty Hunter which you can get via this link. 

You see, scatting is a skill of improvising musical patterns on the fly which means we can take any musical pattern/cadence and push and pull it in different directions and that’s why it’s so helpful to use when tweaking your lyrics. The more ways you learn to flow over a beat the more musical options you have to choose from to pair with your lyrics.

In this week’s video I’m taking you on a guided scatting practice to demonstrate the types of things I play around with while I’m scatting. I’m going to scat for 4 bars and then you will scat for 4 bars and we’ll do this for about 10 minutes.

Now enough talking, LET’S GET IT!!

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